Food Blender Reviews

Welcome to the site of food blenders, which render easy cooking methods. We have several types of blenders like the hand blender, jug blender and the professional blenders. The jug blenders perform mixing actions such as ice crusher, pulse function, fruits and vegetables. You can choose from the variety of jug blenders, which differ in their capacity from one to 2 liters. The expensive ones have an auto programs and comprehensive range of speed adjustment. Apart from this, we have the hand blenders from Philips, Kenwood and many more. These hand blenders differ in their operating style like press and hold to speed control buttons. Some exclusive hand blenders contain anti-splash guard and slip resistance and many more. In addition to this, a few hand blenders come with attachments like calibrated chopper, pan blending attachment and aids in various purposes.

The professional blenders available from Philips and several other manufacturers churn out the functions of smoothie maker, juicer, liquidizer and ice crusher. You get several attachments like measuring cups, recipe books and filter attached blender. We in our site provide a bigger picture of the blender’s reviews covering from the scrap like the design and finish, features, performance level, and certain precautionary steps, cleaning and maintenance, and the warranty information. A quick glance on the specifications table gives further details of applications, speed, filter, blade type and the highlight features.

Morphy Richards 48544 Yellow Hand Blender Set

This new blender comes in an attractive colour of bright yellow. The keen eyed will also notice the unique design, new structure and robust engineering. With the uncompromised quality Morphy Richards 48544 Yellow Hand Blender Set is ready to add beauty to your kitchen. Morphy Richards also gives extra goodies in form of accessories that is provided along with the purchase of this product. Let us have a tour about this product in this review.


The attractive yellow colour is the highlight of this product. The main unit is the stick or hand blender with the curvy structure easy for handling. It consists of a control button which puts the blender on and off. The blending leg is long enough making it possible to use in deeper bowls. The blades are made of stainless steel with its distinguished sharpness. Morphy Richards 48544 400 Watts Hand Blender Set also consists of whisk gear box, beaters, the chopping bowl with lid and the beaker. Each of its parts is well aligned and they give out distinguished performance.

Morphy Richards 48544 Yellow Hand Blender Set


This blender has various attachments and they are connected with the quick twist mechanism for added safety. The blades are made of high grade stainless steel which stands distinguished in performance and durability.

It works with 2 speed settings which are chosen based on the type of food. Once the button is been pressed lightly it works with slow speed and when the button is pressed hard it works with high speed. It is advised not to use continuously for more than a minute and not more than 10 seconds when out of food.


The blending leg is suitable for preparing or pureeing delicate foods like baby foods or soups. Grinding of hard foods like raw vegetables of potatoes or carrots should be avoided. With the help of the beaters it is easy for whipping cream, eggs and other soft foods which needs to be operated in the low speed. In case of the chopping bowl it allows to chop the dried bread, nuts, boiled eggs and even herbs.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

It is understood that only few parts are dishwasher safe. All the removable parts need to be washed thoroughly in warm soapy water and dried thoroughly. The whisk gearbox and the main unit should not be washed in water.


All the parts but for the blades are made of durable plastic. It does not have turbo boost and is not wall mountable. Morphy Richards 48544 Compact Hand Blender Set works with the power of 400 Watts and gives multifunction. The twist and lock mechanism is a safety feature and easily be used in the kitchen.

Guarantee and Accessories:

Stainless steel blades, 800ml beaker, 700ml chopping bowl are the accessories that are included along with the purchase of this product. Morphy Richards also provided a guarantee for 2 years.


Manufacturer Morphy Richards
Model Name 48544 Yellow Hand Blender Set
Type Hand blender
Colour Yellow
Material Plastic
Speed setting 2
Power 400 Watts
Blade Stainless steel blade
Design Big foot design
Functions Blending, chopping and whisking
Highlight features Dishwasher safe parts
Compact storage
Heat resistant blending leg
Twist and lock safety mechanism
Simple one-touch operation
Multi functional
Stainless Steel blade
Accessories Stainless steel blades, 800ml beaker, 700ml chopping bowl
Guarantee 2 years

Lloytron E5021WH Hand Blender

The biggest reason for you to get attracted to Lloytron is exactly the options are many, style and the reasonable price tag. While it has a lot of right ingredients to ride on the competition, one product that means it is Lloytron E5021WH 200Watts Hand Blender. The following review deals the way the good and bad stuffs are exposed about this product.

Type and Style:

This model gets close to your heart for its using comfort. It has an angular handle that gives a perfect hold and makes it easy to put to use. The housing is white in colour which is clear and clean. It has a simple touch buttons for one time operation. The hand blender is popular because it is small and quick to use. It lets you thoroughly enjoy the blending process. The grip is non-slip and it is also soft to touch. When it comes to cleaning it just goes for a normal wash without any special needs. The stainless steel blades are another highlight for this product which are been discussed as follows.


The power consumption is as simple as its functions, with mere 200Watts motor it does the complete task of blending process. It is rather a casual appliance for churning, blending and whisking. The light motor and light weight design makes it high in utility and comfort.

Speed and Blades:

The speed settings that are available in Lloytron E5021WH White Colour Stick Blender is 2 speeds which is high and low, it can be selected with the simple soft touch button. Based on the nature of food and the moisture content the speed setting can be chosen. The blades embedded in this model are made of stainless steel material. It is one great aspect about this model as it is durable and also does the work with greater speed.

Other Product Details:

The weight of this hand blender is less than a kg and it works with the electric power. The shaft is attached and needs a cleaning which is perfect. The blades are featured with double action that gives the blend complete quickly. The splash guard protects the food being splashed and hence one can confidently put to use without the fear of messing up the surrounding.

Overall, Lloytron E5021WH Domestic Hand Blender is full of feel for comfort use and it is exactly something that is required or expected in such products. However the features like the turbo function, digital controls are absent.

Specification Details:

Manufacturer Lloytron
Model Name E5021WH 200Watts Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour White
Speed 2
Blades Stainless steel
Whisk Yes
Shaft Attached
Motor power 200 watts
Anti splash guard Yes
Handle Angled

Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender Review

Kenwood is a promising brand spread across world wide, blenders is one of its products that live up to the expectation of the customers. Blenders seem to be the most applicable appliance for any homes. Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender is such a beautiful appliance which gives functions like blending baby foods, soups, milk shakes, sauces and mayonnaise. The attachments of this model do allow mixing, chopping and churning as well. There are few other reasons why this model is adorable and they are discussed in the following review.


Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade 700 Watts Hand Blender pops up to be the choice of any household for its stick style design. A wide smile that sparks on to the face is the availability of various accessories which gives extended functions. Basically the hand blender seem to be a mimic on the open competition but the luxury is the quality and design, it also has got many appropriate features that is been appreciated vastly. The colour co-ordination with the blender and all its accessories is peppercorn. The size is 235mm in length, 240mm in width and 355mm in height. It is also light in weight but on the whole along with all the accessories it weighs 3.1 kg.

Blades, Speed and Power:

The lifting of feature directly means to the blade quality. It is something like the right foot is straight connected to the blade technology. Kenwood does not fail to make it special with the revolutionary Triblade technology. This is unique and works in excellence in less than usual time. The speed setting is variable which is been controlled with the settings and it works in 5 different speed levels which can be opted based on the quantity, type of food. All the attached parts are also made of stainless steel blade. The whisk which helps to whip up creams is also made of durable stainless steel. The presence of 700 Watts motor supports when working around multiple functions.


There are lot of involvement in the product features which is been accompanied by all the flair of possessing this product. Ergonomic design with sure grip handle makes you feel nothing matters expect the comfort of handling this model gives.

Removable blending wand and 3 blade technology are also unique features that give lasting performance. The unique foot design and the powerful motor accompany well but also make it look compact and stylish. The control is variable speed with Turbo boost button that eases the operation and brings a good control irrespective of the type of food it is used for.

Dishwasher safe parts are all the parts but for the one when has motor in it. In any case it seems to be giving fastest and easiest way for the maintenance. Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Peppercorn Finish Hand Blender also comes with full safety interlock system which adds to safe operation.

Accessories and Guarantee:

Balloon whisk accessory, Food processor bowl with knife blade, Metal wand with triblade and Soup XL accessory are the inclusive that comes as the package contents. The guarantee period offered by Kenwood is for 1 year which takes care of the manufacturing defects.

Kenwood HB894 Specifications

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Dimension (H x W x L)mm 355 x 240 x 235mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Power 700 Watts
Blade Stainless steel blade
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Speed 5
Highlight features Ergonomic design with sure grip handle
Removable blending wand
3 blade technology
Unique foot design
Powerful motor
Variable speed with Turbo boost button
Dishwasher safe parts
Full safety interlock
Inclusive Balloon whisk accessory
Food processor bowl with knife blade
Metal wand with triblade
Soup XL accessory
Guarantee 1 year

Hinari MB280 Multi-Attachment Blender Review

Blenders are used to perform various tasks like blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing, grating and whisking. It is essential to choose the right blender for the flawless performance. It does not stop with these and sometimes it can be used to make a frothy drink. Understanding that the incredible blender could be the one which gives multi functions Hinari introduces MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender with quite a many attachments. A deeper study about this model can be obtained in this review.

Physical Characteristics:

This model is a combination of brushed stainless steel and black colour, the blender jar and the accessories are made of transparent finish with high quality plastic material. The size of this appliance is handy and it measures mere 380mm in height even when the tallest attachment is fixed, the witch and the depth are 100mm quite handy and round in shape. It is a 15 piece multi attachment set which serves for all purpose for the small quantity of food making. Quite clear that this multifunctional blender can perform functions like blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing, grating and whisking which handles almost most of the functions in the kitchen. Hinari MB280 The Genie 230 Watts Blender is also suitable for the travel purpose. Another highlight is the big foot design which firmly stands even in the smoothest surface.

Capacity and Power:

With the motorised operation the food can be handled easily and in a quick process. The motor built-in this blender has the power of 230 Watts which makes it easy to handle the blades. The blender jug provided has the capacity of 1 litre however it cannot be filled to the fullest. The size is portable and good enough to manage the blending requirement for the 2 to 3 members or about 3 cups.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple one-touch operation makes it all the simpler for the user. This straight forward operation is impressive and is the one highlighted in this model.
  • The 15 piece multi attachment is sure to replace few other small appliances which are generally possessed for different like chopper or juicer. This all-in-one blender is a boon for even the space conscious homes.
  • Multi functional and with the support of the powerful motor makes it clear that is could be a better option compared to the hand blenders.
  • Two stainless steel blades which are provides are designed with the flat and cross type used for different purpose. These blades are made of high grade stainless steel material which is not only sturdy but also durable.

Package Contents:

The purchase of Hinari MB280 The Genie Stainless Steel Blender comes also with the accessories like Jug blender, two cups, four party cups, two stay fresh lids and two steam tops. Added to these it does come with a recipe book in order to assist the right way of using.

Hinari MB280 Specifications

Manufacturer Hinari
Model Name MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 380 x 100 x 100mm
Shape Round
Power 230 Watts
Blade 2 stainless steel flat and cross blades
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Functions Blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing,
grating and whisking
Highlight features Simple one-touch operation
15 piece multi attachment
Multi functional
Powerful motor
Two stainless steel blades
Jug capacity 1 litre
Package contents Jug blender, two cups, four party cups, two stay fresh lids,
two steam tops and recipe book

Philips HR2160/50 Jug Blender Review

Philips the brand of excellence has innovated models to simplify the task with its small appliances, to brighten the world with its lighting products and also entertain in an interesting way with its media players. Each of its products has been boosted with latest technology and innovative appearance. The brand pays attention to every detail in order to ensure high quality and high performance standards. Philips HR2160/50 600Watts 2Litre Blender comes under the home appliance segment and is been reviewed as follows.


Blenders are becoming most essential as it helps to give variety in everyday life. It allows making homemade fresh juices makes smoothes and also blends soups and vegetables. This helps to transform the meal nutritious and healthy. It is a compact appliance which is also light in weight and can be easily handled. Philips HR2160/50 Black Colour Blender is suitable for domestic use and in most case it stands out to be a piece of attraction. The appearance of this model is the body colour of black with silver accents. The jar is transparent which does have markings to indicate capacity.

Speed and Control:

This model operates with the variable speed setting. The control knob is present in the front side which is a unique and stylish rotary control that is been operated manually. It consists of a pulse button which is suitable for ice crushing. The variable speed controls, the pulse function and the ice crush button makes the control panel.


This model is been equipped with a jar made of plastic material. This high grade material also features with break-resistance. Hence there is no fear of breaking even when it is accidentally dropped.

The blades of this blender are unique and distinguished as it has ultra sharp serrated finish. It is a group of 5 blades that is made of stainless steel material. It is durable and long lasting. They are also easily detachable which makes cleaning.

All the removable parts are dishwasher safe, this excludes the only the blender base as it consists motor.


The robust performance of the blade makes it suitable for many applications. It can also handle the hardest fruits and vegetables like pineapple, carrots and beetroots. It is been equipped the pulse function that is suitable for juicing the soft and delegate fruits like watermelon and boiled vegetables. Crushing of ice which requires additional power can be put to function with the dedicated ice crush function present in the centre of the rotary knob.

Cover and Capacity:

This HR2160/50 model has a powerful motor of 600 Watts. It functions with the voltage of 220-240 and frequency of 50/60Hz. The total capacity of the blender jar is 2 litres which gives an effective jar capacity of 1.5 litres.


Philips HR2160/50 2 Litre Capacity Blender is designed with the cord storage that helps is to gain a compact storage. There is always a good reason to own a blender for its diversified application. Philips does support this model with the warranty of 1 year period.

Philips HR2160/50 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name HR2160/50 600Watts 2 Litre Blender
Blender Type Jar
Body colour Black with silver accents
Fruit filter No
Speed settings Variable
Power 600 Watts
Jar capacity 2 litres
Controls Large control knob
Chopper No
Ice crushing function Yes
Smoothes function Yes
Integrated cord storage Yes
Features Durable and ultra sharp serrated blades
Ice crush button
Pulse function
Variable speed control
Break resistance jar
Dishwasher safe
Blade Removable serrated ultra sharp blade
Material Blade-stainless steel jar-SAN housing-PP
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Warranty 1 year