Bamix Deluxe Silver 160W Hand Held Food Blender

A lot of the recipes require a food processor to mix stuff up, for example cream crackers, garlic and others herbs. Hand blenders nevertheless are a great investment. They are good for anything, but understandably they can’t juice. Also, if you are a large family group, it is best to buy food processors. So what you actually require is a combo of Food Processor & Hand Blender. Continue reading to know more about a popular Food processor from Bamix.

Brilliant processor from Bamix:

To kick start things, it would be good to know something about the manufacturer; Bamix based in the UK is one of the leading manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of quality household products including the classy Bamix of Switzerland, Woll Cookware. Some of their other kitchen utensils and gadgets including graters, peelers, slicers and steamers are world famous.

Rolls Royce of immersion blenders:

The Bamix Deluxe Hand Held Food Processor cum Blender is simply an ace tool that you can invest in for your kitchen. Well, the reasons are plenty; the food processor can chop, whisk, aerate and dry grind herbs and nuts, so in short it gives you the best of both the worlds – Food processor and Hand Blender! Functionally it is simple to use and physically, it’s a bit heavy but compact and does not consume too much space on the worktop. The Bamix Deluxe 391200 handheld blender is a practical immersion blender from the Swiss manufacturer and palpably dubbed as the ‘Rolls Royce of immersion blenders’. Equally impressive is the design of the blender with a rich silver metallic colour. The Bamix blender uses two easy ergonomic buttons on the handle. The rest of the review will cover all the accessories of the food processor and their unique functions.

De Luxe stand:

We have already talked about the machine not taking up too much room on the worktop. This is because the food processor fits neatly into the De Luxe storage stand/pedestal with space to put the attachments/parts at the back. The De Luxe storage stand stores and makes the Bamix and its plug-on work heads easily accessible. It can stand on worktop or you can fix it onto the wall using a wall mount. The stand comes in a bright navy colour adding to the aesthetic appeal of the complete unit.

Motor features:

The multi-purpose stainless steel blade will process the food quickly with its 160–180 W heavy-duty AC motor of 0.21 HP (Horse Power). The motor is relatively less noisy with vibration-free operation and won’t eat up your electricity bill. The motor requires a voltage of 230/240 V AC or 110 V DC with an electrical frequency of 50/60 Hz. The loading capacity of the machine is about 120 W to 200 W depending on the food type at 110 V max. With a 1.9m straight cord, the length of the solid stainless steel shaft is about 120 mm.

Two-speed pulse security switch:

The Bamix mixer allows you to switch from one job to another quite easily. The holder undoubtedly is pretty sturdy and has 2-speed pulse security switch with two speed settings namely step 1 and step 2. Use step 1 for low speed and the blade rotates at about 10,000–12,000 RPM that makes short work of blending light, airy dishes and small quantities. Use step 2 and the blades rotate at speeds somewhere between 15,000–18,000 RPM which allows it to cope with viscous foods, firm ingredients and larger batches.

Two-fold insulation:

The Bamix 391200 2-Speed Blender like other models features two-fold insulation, nothing but a double insulated body housing (sleeve) with its longer stem which allows you to go into a pan right up to the body housing, giving you deeper immersion of 5”. Also, the complete lower drive shaft of the Bamix hand mixer is immersion-safe to a depth of over 5”. All parts which come into contact with food are made of top quality rust-proof materials, odourless, tasteless, food-safe and are resistant to corrosive ingredients.


The hand blender has been recommended and used on a daily basis by some of the leading UK’s chefs. The Bamix handheld mixer in combination with the Bamix SliceSy comes with several accessories including Mincer (Chopper), Beater (Aerator), Whisk and Dry Grinder, so look no further as it makes the most versatile hand blenders on the market. The blender fits into the palm of your hand well and the buttons are quite easy to use and we like the way that each attachment fits onto the bottom of the machine.

Chopper attachment:

The Bamix chopper is more than handy for chopping up, mincing, blending, liquidising, pureeing raw and cooked vegetables including fruits, baby food, cooked meat, berries, frozen fruit for jam and fruit ice cream, blending lentil soup and could even crush ice cubes. Besides, it can blend soups and sauces and mix pancake dough and cake. You can also bring the blender into simmering soups to smoothen it and mind you it does not splash all over the kitchen place.

Bamix Aerator:

The aerator is practical to beat, aerate, blend cream (creaming) and egg white (for Swiss rolls). Creation of foams, homogenising, and whipping up soups and sauces is a breeze with the attachment. It is light and fluffy for everything too.

Whisk attachment:

The whisk attachment can stir and mix shakes, drink purees, mayonnaise and salad sauces. It is more than practical for mashing, emulsifying and alcoholic cocktail creation. You can use it effectively for all mixtures with a thick or creamy consistency. This can also be used to turn skimmed milk into a cream texture which is pretty good. The colder the milk, the better so simply put it into the freezer for 20-30 minutes before you whip it up. We even tried mixing the batter for making Yorkshire pudding and creating pastes when making curry; guess what, it’s much better than an electric whisk. Why not add some fruit or coffee into the skimmed milk to make a lovely desert!


The food processor comes with a grinding mill that turns sugar into icing sugar. It can also grind, grate and chop wet and dry food ingredients finely including dried vegetables, dried mushrooms, nutmeg, cereals, grains, peanut, peanut butter, tomatoes, garlic, chillies, onions, herbs (fresh, but not wet!), chocolate, hard cheese, sugars, cardamom pods, cumin seed, blended cinnamon sticks, poppy-seeds and several other spices to a fine powder besides bread (for breadcrumbs) and sugar (for powdered sugar).

Not dishwasher safe:

Most parts of the food processor are not dishwasher safe. Said that it is very simple to clean the appliances by just holding it under hot running water. That is all. Undoubtedly, it is also the biggest advantage of Bamix.

Instructions & Recipe Booklet:

The manufacturer provides you a handy Instruction book to know all about the blender’s technical stuff, Instructions on assembly & dis-assembly, tips on blending, cleaning, storage, use & care with notes on quality and repair service.  Available in four languages (D/E/F/I), the booklet will even tell you how to tighten the screws if they become loose after a time on a basic level. The spiral-bound Bamix cookbook is a big letdown as we don’t find it fully useful and the information is quite limited. Perhaps, if you hunt on the Internet, you will be able to find a Bamix cookbook with over 150 recipes to help you get started. Most of the recipes in the book are not vegan, but the recipes can trigger your creativeness working to adapt them for vegan cooking.

Other features:

Weighing about 935 g and 2 kg when boxed, the total length of the machine is about 345 mm and the depth is about 90 mm. The same silver hand held food blender model is available in an assortment of attractive colours – red, black, white & pink. The manufacturer also recommends buying Bamix Slicesy alongside the food processor to get the maximum out of the product. Bamix Slicesy is used in the same way as a food processor to do those extra little jobs like grating and slicing, something that the Bamix blender can’t do under normal situations.

Box Contents:

1 x Blender
1 x Chopper
1 x Whisk
1 x Beater (Aerator)
1 x Grinder
1 x De Luxe stand (wall fixed)
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Recipe Booklet

Safety & Warranty Information:

The Bamix Hand immersion blender is approved according to the Safety regulations of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).  The product is covered under a guarantee of 5 years against manufacturing defects from the original date of purchase. All the attachments are made of stainless steel and can be supplied by Bamix on request.  As additional information, most Bamix appliances have been in use for more than 30 years, but the good news is that they can still be repaired.


The Bamix hand blender is relatively pricey when compared to some of the cheap blenders available on the market. This is mainly because of its quality, design and the brilliant function of all accessorises that you get along with the product. We like its high speed operation and powerful motor that help one get the work done faster and to a higher standard. Also you will have no trouble using the blender at least 3 to 5 times a week. The manufacturer claims that the appliance will last several years, but having said that there are numerous run-of-the-mill blenders that could last only 12-18 months maximum. Needless to say, the blender can be used at home and even on holiday.  However, it is also extensively used by professional chefs in hotels and kitchens in hospitals and care homes. The short point: Forget the price tag, it is worth it and you will be really glad that you bought the Bamix.

Bamix 391200 Blender – Product Specification Details

Manufacturer Bamix
Model Name Bamix Deluxe Hand Held Food Processor
Product Code 391200
Blender Type Hand Blender
Method of Blending Hand-held Immersion
Best Use Mixing/Pureeing/Emulsifying/Aerating/Chopping or Grinding
Available colours Silver, Red, Black, White, Pink
Lightweight No
Motor features
Motor AC/DC, 50 or 60 cycles (0.21 HP)
Loading 120-200 W (according to type) 110 V max. 140 W
Speed 2 speed settings
Setting 1 – 10,000–12,000 rpm (Light, Airy dishes,
Small quantities)
Setting 2 – 15,000–18,000 rpm (Viscous foods,
Firm ingredients, Larger batches)
Switch 2-speed pulse security switch
Noise level Low
Vibration-less Yes
Length of the cord 1.9m (straight cord)
Length of the shaft 120 mm
Operation High speed
Insulation Double sleeving
Ice crushing function No
Pulse control No
Mixing beaker No
Integrated Cord Storage No
Chopper attachment Yes
Bamix Aerator Yes
Whisk attachment Yes
Grinder Yes
Storage De Luxe storage stand
Others (accessories) Bamix Slicesy (for grating & slicing – Not included)
Wall fixed stand Yes
Instructions Yes
Recipe Booklet Yes
Dishwasher safe parts No
Care Instructions Hold under running water
Safety feature/Standard compliance Approved according to Safety regulations of IEC
Body Stainless steel
Motor shaft Stainless steel
Chopper Stainless steel
Aerator Stainless steel
Whisk Stainless steel
Grinder Stainless steel
Dimensions & Weight
Length 345 mm
Depth 90 mm
Immersion depth 5”
Weight 935 g; 2 kg (when boxed)
Application Home, Travel, Hospitals, Care Homes
Other features
Level of splashing Low
Cleaning level Easy
Operation level Easy
Assembly/Disassembly level Easy
Rust-proof parts Yes
Food-safe parts Yes
Corrosion Resistant parts Yes
Highlight features Combo of Food Processor & Hand Blender
Multipurpose Blades
2 easy ergonomic buttons on the handle
Two-fold insulation
De Luxe storage stand stores, makes plug-on
work heads accessible
Manufacturer warranty 5 years