It has been a while since we have reviewed a Hand Blender and the one we have got for you this time around is the MSM6700GB Hand Blender from a global leader in Home appliances, none other than Bosch known for their world-class performance and great design integrated into every single appliance they produce.

Design features:

If one goes by the principle of ease of use, durability and less maintenance for a Hand blender, then we have the Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender (Product code: MSM6700GB) right at the top of the chart. The Hand blender with a stylish white finish has a great build quality and do not be surprised at this as Bosch has a great reputation for innovation, quality and design that never lets you down. This hand blender encompasses all the features of a food processor. Its versatile and compact design offers you the power of a tabletop blender right in your hand. This feature no doubt would make your kitchen platform look good. As always, let us start with the construction of the blender; the hand blender features a smart stainless steel body and ergonomically designed grip that shouts comfort throughout and provides great control during blending.

Stainless steel base:

The special stainless steel base or a foot has four winged blades that ensure extra quick and smooth results. There is an eject button which you have to press slightly to detach the foot. Going by our testing, the eject button is just an area of plastic on the body of the blender that you are supposed to run your thumb down in order to release the foot. The stainless steel blades can do almost anything from blending mayonnaise, mixed drinks, sauces, baby foods to cutting onions, cooked fruits & vegetables and crushing ice. However, it is not suitable for the preparation of mashed potatoes. All you have to do is place the blender foot on the base unit/gear attachment and lock up into position. Next, drop the ingredients into the blender jug, set the required speed and off it goes to get the work done in no time. The foot is completely dishwasher safe and heat resistant (good for blending hot soups), considered as an added advantage.

600 watt Motor:

A powerful 600 watt heavy duty motor can make quick and smart work of even the hardest task of crushing ice without much ado and keep this MSM6700GB handheld blender running pretty strong every single time you turn it on. Now coming to the noise aspect, it is a quiet and low vibration motor considering its size and speed. The noise is not excessive even when it produces a quart of juice in a minute. All said and done, blender noise is after all a minor point to worry about.

Extra turbo function:

The variable speed of the motor is great as we found that it is not just two different speed settings like most hand blenders, but rather a little dial that could turn easily like a volume-control dial. The pulse control function is perfect for breaking down ingredients and folding air into specific recipes. The extra turbo function allows for a wide range of speeds and delivers maximum performance. Another positive point worth mentioning is that it is pretty straightforward and is ideal to have bursts of full tilt blending.

Universal cutter:

The Universal cutter comes in handy when cutting herbs, fruits, vegetables, onions, hard cheese, meat and crushing ice, though you do have an ice cube crushing blade specifically meant for the purpose. As a safety instruction, the universal cutter must be operated at maximum speeds and the bones, gristles, sinews removed before cutting meat.  We did not have a much positive result when we tried grinding coffee beans and radishes, but just as an interesting find, the universal cutter should not be used to grind these. You can even try cutting some nuts and seeds with it, but like as we always say, be a bit careful to listen out for any loud/jamming noises and never tend to overdo it.

Mini chopper with ice crushing blade:

There is a mini chopper attachment that works absolutely fine in pureeing hot soups. While it can chop any food stuff from hard to hardest, it does not have a non-slip base which would have kept the bowl fixed to the ground and reduce any chances of slippage while using. A separate ice cube crushing blade is what you all you need to crush ice for drinks, cocktails, alcoholic beverages and smoothies with the optimum processing quantity being 4-6 ice cubes at one time. It took about few seconds to go from chopping meal items to making delicious crushed ice treats with no sticking problems. And that is good news particularly if you are a homemaker!

Metal whisk:

There are some of us who use the metal whisk attachment all the time for whipping creams. It is useful enough for making cold milk shakes (at 8 degree C) and beating egg whites. The whisk quickly turns it into a versatile hand mixer. We have used the whisk, but just as a hand whisk and it worked alright.

Transparent mixing beaker:

A transparent, calibrated mixing beaker of 700ml capacity is included as an accessory which allows you to view the food being pureed. The blender jug is calibrated down both sides, intended for left or right handed use. The jug made from transparent plastic is completely dishwasher proof and the main function of it is to prevent the ingredients from splashing. Both the chopper and mixing beaker have transparent lids that you have to put them on, twisting them until they lock into place to keep in the processed ingredients.

Wall mounting kit:

The Bosch MSM6700GB White Colour hand blender is packed with a Wall mounting kit for storing the gadget. You just have to fit the wall holder to a suitable vertical surface with the help of two screws. This also makes sure the blender is to hand at all times for mixing and blitzing. The 1.5-metre cord length makes it easy even for floor level sockets. The absence of cable storage to house the cord, needless to say comes as a real disappointment.

Instruction manual:

There is no real need for instructions and no wondering what the symbols mean on the blender’s settings knob or where this bit goes. However, a handy instruction manual provided by the manufacturer gives you some interesting tips on how to use the cutting blades on food items including Parsley, Baby food, Onions, Hard cheese, Medium-hard cheese, Meat, Dry bread, Dried fruit, etc with details of maximum quantity, preparation method and time taken (in seconds) besides the usual technical stuff. Do take some time to go through the manual to treat yourself as an expert cook!

Use & Care:

Most parts of the MSM6700GB hand blender including the whisk, blade and blender foot are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned up with a brush under running water. However, the base unit/gear attachment and the universal cutter attachment are not dishwasher safe and must not be immersed in liquid in your sink as these parts take in or store water which cannot be emptied that easily. Always use a damp cloth to wipe the base unit and universal cutter attachment. Make sure you do not use a steam cleaner to clean the parts. It is pretty dangerous to clean the cutter blade/blender blade with just your hands and take hold of the cutter blade by using the plastic handle only. Finally, care must be taken when processing hot liquids and soups.


The Bosch MSM6700GB 600 watt blender is covered under a minimum of 2 year warranty against manufacturing faults from the date of purchase.

In a nutshell:

It is good to see that a lot of thought has been put into the design of the hand blender, focussing on the user’s specific requirements. It just feels well balanced, solid and of course nice in your hands. Our test results showed that no liquid leaks out of the sides of the lid, though there is a slight possibility for liquids to splash during processing. Competitively priced, the Bosch hand blender will leave you to get on with your everyday life, quite convinced in the knowledge that it is getting on with the job in hand!

Bosch MSM6700GB Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Bosch
Model Name Bosch MSM6700GB Hand Blender
Model Number MSM6700GB
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 39.8cm x 6.7cm x 6.7cm
Handle Grip Ergonomically designed grip
Blender Foot/Gear attachment Detachable
Eject button Yes (for detaching the foot)
Best items for blending Mayonnaise, Mixed drinks, Sauces, Baby foods
Best items for cutting Onions, cooked Fruits & Vegetables
Items to avoid blending/cutting/grinding Mashed potatoes, Nuts, Seeds, Coffee beans, Radishes
Universal cutter Yes
Ice crushing function Yes
Release buttons Yes
Non-slip base No
Optimum processing quantity 4-6 ice cubes (at one time)
Whisk attachment Yes
Chopping Beaker Yes + Lid
Mixing beaker Yes + Lid
Beaker Capacity 700ml
Calibrated beaker Yes
Level of splashing Low
Wall mounting kit Yes
Anti splash blade guard No
Dishwasher safe parts Whisk, Jug, Blade, Blender foot
Non-Dishwasher safe parts Base unit/gear attachment & universal cutter attachment
Wash instructions (for non-dishwasher
safe parts)
Wipe clean with damp cloth only
Steam cleaner use Not recommended
Motor Power 600W
Integrated Cord Storage No
Length of cord 1.5m
Speeds 2
Variable speed settings Yes
Pulse control Yes
Extra turbo function Yes
Heat resistant foot Yes
Rust-resistant blades Yes
Full safety interlocks No
Body Stainless steel
Base Stainless steel
Whisk attachment Metal
Blades Stainless Steel
Beaker/Jug Plastic
Release buttons Plastic
Disassembly level Easy
Cleaning level Easy
Product  Instructions Yes
Available colour White
Box Contents 1 x Blender
1 x Stainless steel foot plus blades (stainless steel)
1 x Mini chopper plus lid & ice crushing blade
1 x 0.7 L Mixing beaker plus lid
1 x Metal whisk
1 x Wall mounting kit
1 x Product instructions
Highlight features Hand blender with all the features of a food processor
Fairly low vibration motor
Heat resistant foot for blending hot soups
Detachable foot with Easy eject button
Pulse control
Wall mounting kit
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years