Versatile, effortless and dependable helpers in the kitchen would be blenders for most of the household that could complete the task in no time. Hand or immersion blenders are comfortable as they are small, compact and can be used on any kind of bowls without requiring any specifically designed jars. Breville’s innovation in the manufacture of household appliances has become a part of every kitchen today and with the Breville VHB070 3-in-1 Hand Blender, not only has the blender become one of the favourite kitchen tools but the manufacturer itself as well.

Design and construction:

Breville VHB070 3-in-1 Hand Blender measuring about 5.6 (W) x 5.6 (D) x 39.8cm (H)  is smaller and portable compared to any other blenders. Weighing around 720 grams, the blender fits in hand with ease and seems simple to handle. It is available in stylish chrome and red finish which is sure to draw everybody’s attention. The body of the blender is highly durable and carries a powerful motor. Handles are designed to give good grip to the user without leading to any slips.

Simple operation:

When smoothies and soups are part of the daily menu, all that is needed is the 3-in-1 Hand Blender set which blends it in a fraction of minutes. It is simple to operate as it just requires turning on the blender with the substance in the bowl and this type of blending favours foods with higher water content. Thus tasty soup or sauce is ready with the right consistency. The blades are tough and finish the work with good efficiency almost taking up only half the time. Softer foods like fruits and vegetables are tackled well by the chopper bowl while egg white, creams and batters are whipped by the stainless whisk with a plastic collar.

Motor capacity and speed:

This Breville VHB070 easy grip hand blender is built with a 600 watt motor. The 2 speed settings can be varied for maximum convenience. The regular and turbo buttons are the two speed settings which provide full control of throttle by changing the rate at which the blades turn. The motor is perfect for carrying out the process effectively and during operation the motor does not make much noise which may lead to ear pain.

Easy grip handle:

The handles are soft, solid and comfortable for holding when the blender is turned on. The manufacturer has come up with a design that is sleek and stylish yet providing excellent grip without any slips. Added is the soft touch easy – grip front and back panels that ensure even the wet hands do not slip while using the hand blender.

Blade System:

This Breville VHB070 600w Pro Easy Grip Hand Blender has a detachable leg that is made of stainless steel also known as the head. The two – tip blade is placed inside the head that acts as an anti – splash guard. This blender’s blade has four tips which perform the cutting operation efficiently and blends easily.  The cutting surface covered by the blade is also doubled so that more work is done with every rotation. Thus it helps to save time and energy as it consumes only half the time.  Made of stainless steel, the blades are highly resistant to rusts and less corrosive compared to other materials. Also the hygiene of the food is maintained by the antibacterial properties.

Included accessories:

The package comes along with a large beaker, chopper and a balloon whisk. The plastic beaker has a capacity of 800 ml that is ideal for carrying out the blending process safe. The 500 ml chopper bowl has stainless steel blade, a safe locking lid and to avoid slips and prevent vibration it has a rubber feet. The chopper bowl is used to crush ice, herbs and vegetables or to make sauces and breadcrumbs. The balloon whisk with a plastic collar is great to use for beating egg white, creams and batters as mentioned before.

Easy Maintenance and Dishwasher safe:

After every use, proper cleaning of the blades and accessories is essential for a long last. Maintenance is very simple as the hygienic stainless steel leg with anti-splash guard and stainless steel four-tip blade are detachable by the touch of release button and are safe to use with dishwasher. Hence cleaning is never a task to be concerned about.

Warranty information:

The Breville VHB070 3-in-1 Hand Blender carries a warranty of one year given by the manufacturer. It is valid for 1 year from the actual date of purchase.


Manufacturer has paid a lot of attention concerning safety and is never compromised at any cost, hence the recessed button which prevents the motor from starting when it is knocked or tripped accidentally.  The handle provides a good grip so it does not slip even when held with wet hands. The safety locking lid of chopper does not cause any splashing or unwanted mess during the process.


The Breville VHB070 3-in-1 Hand Blender does a great job with its 600 watts motor and the accessories provided are of good use. This chrome and red finish blender is attractive while sturdy and comfortable to use. It is versatile and user – friendly. However, when the hand blender is to be taken good care of and not overworked. Overall, it does delight the user with its efficient performance.

Breville VHB070 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Breville
Model Name VHB070 3-in-1 Hand Blender
Model Number VHB070
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions (W x D x H) 5.6 x 5.6 x 39.8 cm
Weight 720 grams
Power 600W
Speeds 2 (Regular/Turbo)
Ice crushing function Yes
Accessories Beaker, 500ml chopper and balloon whisk
Colour Chrome and red finish
Handgrip Soft touch, easy grip handle
Material of beaker Plastic
Blades Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe Yes
Manufacturer warranty 1 year