This model comes as a handy helper in kitchen which gets you done with blending, chopping and whisking whenever and where ever you require. Cuisinart gives a whole new way to unleash the kitchen task in a handy way. Cuisinart HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender when obtained from the professional brand talks more on the technology and quality. The following is the review which gives more details of the product.

An Overview:

This model is a multi user which gives 3 different functions of blending, chopping and whisking in an all new way. The design is user friendly with the comfort grip. The housing is made of stainless steel material and has a finish of brushed Stainless steel with black accent. The dimension of this product is 350 x 95 x 55mm which relates to the height, width and the depth. The weight of 1.5kg may sound a bit higher than the other models.

Control and Power:

Cuisinart HB154PCJU Brushed Stainless Steel Hand Blender works with the one-touch operation. It gives the option for the continuous operation or the pulse action. Based on the type of function and the quantity of food the option between the continuous and the pulse can be chosen. It has a motor with the power of 200 Watts which performs multiple blending tasks successfully.

Features and Functions:

  • Simple one-touch operation and the Multi functional ability are the prime features of this model which takes it to the new height among the commonly available models.
  • The blending blade has a shaft with anti-splash guard and this gives a clean function eliminating the splashes from the beaker which messes around.
  • Stainless steel balloon whisk is available for whisking. This gives a specialised function and hence the perfect whisk of the drink, puree or the shake can be obtained.
  • Japanese sharpened blade which is incorporated in this model is used for chopping. It is used to chop vegetables, garlic and even the nuts in few seconds.
  • All the detachable parts of this model are dishwasher safe. This makes handling and maintenance simple.

A Few More:

This model proves to give multi task operation and it can get handled wide variety with this single device and in just one touch operation. The blends of drinks, purees, soups, vegetables are possible. The whisk of cream batter, egg whites, butter extraction and mousse is possible. The cutting or chopping of vegetables, garlic, onion and even nuts are possible.

Inclusive and guarantee:

Along with all the attachments Cuisinart HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus 200 Watts Hand Blender comes with the 500ml graduated measuring jug which is made of stainless steel material. The manufacturer also offers 5 years guarantee for this product which covers the labour and parts.

Cuisinart HB154PCJU Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model Name HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour Brushed Stainless steel with black accent
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 350 x 95 x 55mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Power 200 Watts
Blade Japanese sharpened stainless steel blade
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Functions Blending, chopping and whisking
Highlight features Simple one-touch operation
Multi functional
Blending blade shaft with anti-splash guard
Stainless steel balloon whisk for whisking
Japanese sharpened blade for chopping
All detachable parts are dishwasher safe
Inclusive 500ml stainless steel measuring jug
Guarantee 5 years