Blenders are efficient small appliance that supports the kitchen tasks. At the outset the blender could mean to smooths the food but there are many interesting ways that the blender can be put to use. If you desire to have a rich texture in your soup it is required to use the blender. It also allows you to use for making of shakes, fluffy omelets, crush ice, can also grind coffee beans and who does not love the slushies which can be made with the help of the blender. For all this Frigidaire the established brand offers Frigidaire FCL-HB2 180Watts Hand Blender which is attractive in design and is highly functional, more about the product can be obtained in the following review.

Design Overview:

This model is handy and is a hand blender. It has white housing with grey control button. The blade present in it is made of unique stainless steel blending blade which works to its best. Light in weight and operated with the electric power makes it suitable for any home. The handle is ergonomically shaped in which the control button is embedded. It is a switch type which either puts the function in speed 1 or speed 2 choices. The body is made of high grade plastic material and the blade is made of stainless steel material.

Blending Speed:

For the delicate foods the speed 1 is best like churning of curds and mixing the salad dressing. The speed 2 goes well to blend the boiled vegetables, the eggs and more such stuffs. To elaborate on the speed setting the cake mixes, gravy, pudding and pancake mix are suitable for speed 1 and on the other hand the baby food, eggs, frozen juice concentrate, milk shake and powdered drinks goes well for speed 2 options.

Blending tips:

The use of Frigidaire FCL-HB2 White Colour Hand Blender is interesting as long as it is put to use in the right manner. Any food which required to be blended should be placed in the deep bowl in order to avoid splashes. Most essentially it is advisable to start the blender in the low speed and then go for the high speed. It is required to give an interval after use of it for a minute.

Cleaning tips:

It should be ensued that the main body is not immersed in water and it can be cleaned by using a soft damp cloth. In case of hard stains the mild detergent can be used. The blade can be rinsed and dried up before storage.


This model is been embedded with the motor of 180 Watts and serves to be a hand blender. The blade present is made of stainless steel which is highly durable and makes it sturdy for rough handling.


The Manufacturer guarantees Frigidaire FCL-HB2 2-Speed Settings Hand Blender for the period of 12 months from the date of purchasing and it coves the defects in materials and the labour as well. The guarantee coverage with wither repair or replace free of charge and all of these are applicable for the domestic use and in UK.

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Frigidaire FCL-HB2 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Frigidaire
Model Name FCL-HB2 180Watts Hand Blender
Product Code FCL-HB2
Blender Type Hand Blender
Power 180 Watts
Cord Storage Yes
Speeds 2
Ice crushing function No
Blending foot Yes
Pulse control Yes
Control On/off
Colour Body: White, control: Grey
Material Body: Plastic, Blades: Stainless Steel
Guarantee 12 months