The leading supplier of home appliances is Haden having hands on experience of more than 40 years in manufacturing domestic electrical appliances. Immersion blenders or hand blenders are widely used nowadays in most of the households. The reason it is being opted for is its compactness and it efficiently carries out the process in no time. A blender comes handy in almost all the kitchen tasks as well as priced low in comparison with the regular ones. The following review is about the Haden 13723 Stick Blender that it satisfies the expectations of the customer or not.


The Haden 13723 Stick Blender is a hand blender designed specifically for domestic use. Lots of blending process can be performed with this compact, lightweight blender. Being a multifunctional tool, this blender has all the necessary features that one needs to accomplish the cooking tasks.

Construction and Design:

The 13723 Stick Blender from Haden has a dimension of about 380 (H) x 70 (L) x 70 (D) (mm) and is amazingly weighs just about 690 grams. The blender is constructed out of a good quality plastic whereas the blades are of stainless steel. The appliance is durable and no fear of damage although it is lightweight and small. This blender has 2 speed settings.

Motor Power Rating:

The motor capacity is 200 watts. The choice of 2 speed setting is very useful to blend the mixture at a desired speed. The best part is that the blender can be used in any type of container and not necessary the food has to be transferred to a special type of bowl. The blender is quite easy to hold in hands when the motor is in on state. The soft touch rubber grip ensures a good grip without letting the blender slip from the hands. This appliance requires power source as it is not cordless, hence can be used only where the plug point is available.

About the Blades:

The blades need to be sharp and durable for achieving the perfect blend and consistency of the foods. The blades are of stainless steel which means they are durable lasting long with the same quality. The process can be finished in just few seconds without splashing or causing mess in the kitchen table as the anti splash blade guard eliminates it.

Available Colour:

The Haden Stick Blender 13723 is available in a stylish white colour with cool touch buttons. White is a prestigious and a usual colour to be pleased by all.

Use and Care:

Using the blender is made to be easy while the cleaning after completing the process is also essential to be done quickly. Cleaning is made very easy with the shaft being detachable. The shaft can be detached and cleaned with water. Rinsing with water will do or if required, some mild detergent can be used. Thus cleaning and storing is made easy with this hand blender.

Attachments provided:

Unlike other blenders which have a lot of attachments, this is in fact a basic blender. It is a blender that efficiently performs the blending task. Although creams can also be whipped with the basic blender with the whisk included, no additional attachments provided is a little disappointing. A 0.5 litre beaker is included along with a closing lid for users’ convenience. But since it is a basic blender other attachments and functions may not be expected from this appliance.

Warranty Detail:

The manufacturer, Haden gives a 1 year warranty for this stick blender which is valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x stick blender
  • 1 x instruction book
  • 1 x 12 month warranty card

In Short:

The Haden 13723 Stick Blender as already mentioned is a basic blender for blending soups, milkshakes etc. If one is looking for a blender that performs all the tasks, this may not be the right one. However there are no problems in blending usual foods. For the price, this blender does the justice to its work.

Haden 13723 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Haden
Model Name 13723 Stick blender
Blender Type Hand or Stick Blender
Dimensions 380 (H) x 70 (L) x 70 (D) (mm)
Weight 0.69 kg
Power 200 watts
Cord Storage No
Whisk Yes
Speed settings Yes
No of speeds 2
Shaft Detachable
Ice crushing function No
Anti splash guard Yes
Highlight features Stainless steel blades
Soft rubber Grip for easy operation
Lightweight & durable
0.5 litre beaker with lid
Manufacturer warranty 1 year