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Philips HR1610/00 Hand Blender Review

Philips is a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting products. It has grown into a responsible company with research and sustainable policies to give the best this world needs. Philips HR1610 Viva Collection Hand Blender is one among the numerous products by Philips. Doing things with a hand blender is much easier as you [...]

Kenwood HB724 Hand Blender Review

If quality and reliability are the key factors that one looks for any home appliance, then the Kenwood brand stands ahead offering its best standard. Having quite a lot of experience, Kenwood manufactures kitchen appliances such as food mixers, food processors, breadmakers and many more. The manufacturer aims at making the lives of people much [...]

Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender

Kenwood was pretty smart enough when it brought out its HB711 Triblade Hand Blender for people looking for a basic hand blender. Comparatively, you have the Kenwood HB615 Hand Blender in its line up which is slightly pricey than the HB711 but boasts a much improved and robust construction with a slight edge over it [...]