Kenwood was pretty smart enough when it brought out its HB711 Triblade Hand Blender for people looking for a basic hand blender. Comparatively, you have the Kenwood HB615 Hand Blender in its line up which is slightly pricey than the HB711 but boasts a much improved and robust construction with a slight edge over it in terms of performance and features. Nonetheless, the Kenwood HB655 has ruled the roost in terms of the number of attachments it comes with. May be we are trying to compare apples and oranges; Let us see what the HB711 Triblade blender has in store for us in the following review.


The Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender is great for those wishing to whizz up their own smoothies or prepare creamy, fine soups. A beast of a handheld blender that can blend the soup in a few seconds, the HB711 could be used on hard veggies including lemon grass as well as soft veggies. The blender does what it says on the box.  Coming to the design, the HB711 Triblade carries the trademark cool design of Kenwood with a polished plastic body. The White/Grey combo does add a lot to its aesthetic value in the kitchen.

Tagged as a basic model, the HB711 comes complete with two plastic attachments, one ‘Big Foot’ attachment to be used in pans and two, ordinary tri-blade attachment. Mind you there are more pricey versions from the same series which give you stainless steel attachments and blender beakers as well, however the HB711 scores well on all counts when it comes to light to medium usage. The length of the Triblade and the slightly bigger wizzy bit make it all the more convenient to blend soups and sauces in your pan. The stainless steel blades look pretty sharp while the blending machine is in operation. The cord and plug perhaps can be a bit longer as they are relatively short compared to other appliances. The blender also features wrap cord storage for ease of use. The interlock mechanism is all about safety and allows the blender to work only when you close the lid completely, thereby preventing mishap and injury.

3 Blade Technology:

The manufacturer claims that the HB711 is the first hand blender to make use of the ‘Triblade system’, an arrangement of 3 blades giving the user efficient and super fast blending. You can find that the blades are also angled to sweep through three different paths which give three cutting levels per rotation. The handle blender features easy change/release of blender shaft with simply the click of a button. Putting it to test, we found that it is pretty stiff to start with, but we think it may loosen up with use.

700W Motor:

Weighing 0.89kg, the Triblade is built with a 700W motor to give that extra bit of power to blend a wide range of foods and could operate different attachments. There is a downside to it and that is, it is a bit noisy. Other than this, this motor does well in blending sauces and soups to perfection.


Another advantage of the Triblade is that it comes with a Single (speed 1 button) and Turbo speeds (turbo button). You may find the push button controls placed at the top of this hand blender in addition to the speed selector, which are convenient to use while the blender is in full throttle. For slower bending, you need to press Speed 1 button and the Turbo button should help you whisk or blend on a faster speed.


Kenwood has done well to enhance user experience as you have greater control over the blender with its ‘‘SureGrip’ handle, particularly when you are holding it with greasy or wet hands. There is a much improved balance handling aspect to it with the narrow top.

Blender Foot:

The Triblade accessories have been reasonably well designed and the results have been quicker, easier and faster. The design of the blending foot has been really impressive in that it has 6 blending ribs for breaking up the vortex and this means the liquids bounce off the back and sides onto the blender blades increasing performance.  All the liquid ingredients are also less likely to splash off the vessel due to the much petite castellated exit paths.

For Beaker blending:

If you are supplied with a beaker, you need to put the lid/base on to the bottom of the beaker and this may prevent it from sliding on the worktop. Make sure you do not fill more than 2/3rd capacity of the beaker. Fit the lid/base to the top of the beaker when you are done with the blending.

Whisk attachment:

The whisk attachment is fabulous to whip light ingredients including instant desserts, cream and egg whites. You will run a risk of damaging the whisk with heavy mixtures like sugar and margarine. The manufacturer recommends against whisking more than 400ml (3/4pt) cream or 4 egg whites. The pan blender (if supplied) can be made use of to quickly process soups, etc straightway into the saucepan. Alternatively, you can also use the hand blender.


The performance of the Kenwood HB711 700W Hand Blender is par excellence as it makes a quick work of everything you throw at it. The pan attachment is a piece of beauty, but you cannot use it for processing uncooked veggies. The blades seem like they can chop anything you put through it. The HB711 can even blitz through a stock pot full of soup in less than a minute without any semblance of mess. It hardly takes 20 seconds for mixing the shakes and that is pretty good for a blender that is cheap as chips online. We did test the blender and found that it works like a dream. If customer reviews are any indication, the blender can make a nippy job of blending about 5 litres of soup at one time.

Dishwasher safe parts:

We did find a bit tricky to dismantle the attachments from the Triblade, though you could put up with that. The attachments are easy to use and you will have no trouble rinsing them for the simple reason that they are plastic and are completely safe to be used on your non-stick saucepan.  On the flip side, they tend to easily pick up the colour from food and this in turn may leave some staining. You can dish wash the pan blender, beaker, base/lid, whisk (not the whisk collar) and blender shaft quite easily.

A word of caution:

The manufacturer advises that the HB711 Triblade should not be used for ice crushing. The blending machine measures 7.3cm (L) x 7.3cm (W) x 39cm (H) when assembled and if you do not have a strong grip, you may have to use the vertical edge of the worktop for pushing against while you’re releasing the safety catch (the blade you will find at the top). This by no means is a big glitch.

Quality Standards & Warranty details:

The product has been designed in accordance with EC DIRECTIVE 2002/96/EC. The manufacturer offers you a guarantee of 1 year which starts from the original date of purchase.


Baby food, sauces, soups, mayonnaise or milk shakes, it can blend them all as clean as a whistle. A mighty, little machine with vibration free construction and two speed controls, it is well hidden within the resin covered handle. There are a few downsides that we can think of; one is that the smaller attachments actually look larger than they really are. Secondly, the length of the cable which is pretty close to the main power point. We do reckon it is worth going for this model than paying out for the whisk attachment for the high-priced HB714. Just as an update, we did search online for the HB714 model to find that it is sold with 3 attachments. But alas, it costs a fortune!

Kenwood HB711 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name Kenwood HB711 Triblade Hand Blender
Model Number HB711
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions 7.3 (L) x 7.3 (W) x 39 (H)cm
Weight 0.89 kg
Power 700W
Cord Storage Yes (Wrap)
Speeds 2 (Single/Turbo)
Ice crushing function No
Blending foot Yes (with 6 blending ribs)
Full safety interlocks Yes
Accessories Beaker (plus base/lid)
BigFoot pan blender (if supplied)
Whisk (if supplied plus whisk collar/wire whisk )
Colour Body: White, Handgrip: Grey
Material Body: Plastic, Beaker: Plastic, Blades: Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe parts Pan blender, beaker, base/lid, beaker,
whisk (not the whisk collar), blender shaft
Standard Compliance EC DIRECTIVE 2002/96/EC
Highlight features 3 Blade Technology
Blender shaft release buttons
7 functions
Sure Grip handle
Exclusively designed Foot
Guarantee 1 year (UK only)