If quality and reliability are the key factors that one looks for any home appliance, then the Kenwood brand stands ahead offering its best standard. Having quite a lot of experience, Kenwood manufactures kitchen appliances such as food mixers, food processors, bread makers, and many more. The manufacturer aims at making the lives of people much simpler by introducing many appliances that perform quick and efficient cooking tasks. The latest addition to its family for finishing the chores simple is the Kenwood Hand Blender.


The Kenwood HB724 Tri-blade Blender is designed elegantly, lightweight, and compact thus making it a perfect tool for any kitchen. The blender can be operated by one hand with ease and is even suitable for right or left-handed use.

Design and features of the blender:

The Kenwood HB724 Blender has a plastic body and measures about 6.8 (L) x 6.8 (W) x 39.8 (H) cm and has a weight of 1.98 kg. The powerful motor ensures optimum performance at the touch of a button. The unique tri-blade concept delivers a perfect and controllable blend while completes the task in just a few seconds. Many other attachments are included and with the 23 functions, it is ideal for creating dressings, milkshakes, puréed baby food and soups. The Kenwood hand blender is available in white/ gray plastic finish.

Efficient motor and speed settings:

This Kenwood HB724 blender comes with a 700 watts motor for carrying out the tasks quickly and efficiently. As per the requirement of every user, multiple speed plus pulse variations are included with the turbo setting option. It is easy to use as the cord can be plugged in and is long enough to reach the pot of ingredients. The cord can be wrapped and stored after use.

Good handle grip:

Though the blending process is carried out by the blades, it is the handle that the user has to be cautious as the grip is very essential when the blender is held in the hand.  The handle is well-designed by the manufacturer giving a good grip when the motor is turned on so that no slips occur in this blender. The super grip TM handle area and the anti-slip rubber mat allows perfect blending, whisking, and chopping without splashing the ingredients out of the container.

Stainless steel blades:

The blades are durably made of stainless steel. The triple-blade system cuts and blends more precisely in no time. The wand is made of metal and it is detachable for easy cleaning. Other accessories can be attached by detaching the blades for performing other functions.

Additional Attachments:

The Kenwood Hand HB724 Blender comes with a calibrated chopper, a beaker with a non-slip base, and a lid to avoid any unwanted mess. It also features a pan blending attachment, masher, and whisk for added flexibility. The chopper has a capacity of 0.5 liters and a 0.75-liter beaker. The beaker is of the material plastic.

Tips for using the attachments:

When using the chopper attachment, the foods can be pre-cut into smaller sizes before chopping. If using the whisk, the container is made sure that is large enough to hold the increased volume of the food, such as egg whites or whipped cream. The blender is to be held at a slight angle and off the bottom of the container. The blender is turned on and blends until the desired smoothness is achieved but if the pan is large, the immersion blender can be moved to various locations in the pan to reach and blend all ingredients smoothly to the desired consistency.

Dishwasher safe parts:

The parts are detachable and are dishwasher safe which means the cleaning process can be left to the dishwasher. However, harsh detergent should not be used on the blades or attachments that might reduce life. Reassembling of the parts is made very easy causing no trouble. Washing immediately after use and wiping in cloth would make wonders by lasting long with the same finish.

Manufacturer Guarantee:

Kenwood offers its hand blender a guarantee of 1 year from the actual date of purchase just for the satisfaction of the people.

Missing feature/function:

A slight disappointment or the missing functions in this Kenwood tri-blade blender is that the blender lacks the ice crushing function. Hence, the chopper cannot be used for crushing ice cubes otherwise other herbs or vegetables can be chopped. Another feature is the safety lock that is not provided in the blender which means the user has to be cautious before switching on the blender by making sure the lids are placed properly.

In the box:

  • 1 x Blender
  • 1 x pan blender
  • 1 x 0.5 L chopper
  • 1 x whisk
  • 1 x masher
  • 1 x 0.75 L beaker

Overall view:

The Kenwood HB724 700W Blender is made lightweight to fit the hands. Having mentioned the pros and cons, this little blender is versatile and with the attachments, it is a perfect helper. It is sleek, stylish and a good performer making itself worth a favorite tool to any kitchen.

Kenwood HB724 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name HB724 Tri-blade Hand Blender
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions 6.8 (L) x 6.8 (W) x 39.8 (H) cm
Weight 1.98 kg
Power 700W
Cord Storage Wrap
Whisk Yes
Speed settings Yes
Functions 23
Wand Detachable
Pulse function Yes
Ice crushing function No
Non-slip base Yes
Highlight features Tri-blade technology
Unique Sure-Grip for easy operation
Lightweight & durable
Useful attachments
Dishwasher safe parts
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 year