Philips is a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting products. It has grown into a responsible company with research and sustainable policies to give the best this world needs. Philips HR1610 Viva Collection Hand Blender is one among the numerous products by Philips. Doing things with a hand blender is much easier as you can take the blender directly to the vessel with the ingredients and it blends the contents easily. The following review will give you more details and understanding about this product.

The Basics:

Philips HR1610 650 Watts Hand Blender can be used for sauces, soups, milkshakes and many more ingredients and food type. This model is a slim and handy device that does the function of blending the soft food stuffs. It is a hand held type and works electrically. More so the light weight design and the efficient blade make it a good one. It comes in three pieces, the top one has the controls and the motor, next comes the blender bar which is detachable and then comes the protection cap. The material housing is PP and rubber. The material for the rubber is plastic. There are three buttons one for on/off, the other is turbo button and then you have the speed setter. It has soft touch grip and buttons.

The Blade:

The blade is made of stainless steel and it is a double action blade, which means it cuts the ingredients both horizontally and vertically. You get finely chopped ingredients and hence the finest blending with this type of blade. The model comes with a protection cap for the blade which can be used while storage, preventing us even from any rarest possibility for injuries.


Philips HR1610 has 16 speed settings which gives an optimum performance. The control for this is sliding type. The turbo button is a high power turbo button. Depending on the kind of ingredient and the speed setting the time taken for blending differs. But nevertheless it is always only a few seconds. In case of slightly hard ingredients and if the blending process needs to be still faster the turbo function can be used, while this function is on the speed function will not be applicable.


The 1 litre beaker accessory is dishwasher safe. The blades can be cleaned by pouring water and detergent in a beaker or vessel and then by immersing the blender and switching it on for a few seconds. Cleaning is as simple as the blending function.

Other Features:

  • This blender has an anti splash guard a very important feature which protects the liquid from coming out of the bowl while blending. This saves you from the mess and cleaning time.
  • It works in 16 different speeds, which means be it anything from fruits, vegetables, baby food, sauce, soup, batter, shakes or mixed drink, anything can be blended in maximum 60 seconds even if the quantity is 1000ml.
  • Double action blade is another special feature which cuts the ingredients both horizontally and vertically.
  • The soft rubber grip present in the sides gives easy operation and also prevents from slipping of the device from the hands.


Philips HR1610 Blender works with the power of 650 Watts. However, this model cannot blend ice cubes but it is a stylistic, simple and durable product serving many purposes in the process of making healthy food.

Philips HR1610 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name HR1610 Viva Collection Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour White and lavender
Power Electricity
Cord length 1.3 m
Whisk No
Speed settings 16
Turbo function Yes
Shaft Detachable
Motor power 650 watts
Anti splash guard Yes
Accessory 1 Ltr. Beaker with lid
Highlight features Stainless steel blades
Detachable plastic bar
Protection cap while storing bending blade
Double action blade
stylish finish
Soft touch grip and buttons