Blenders are used to perform various tasks like blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing, grating and whisking. It is essential to choose the right blender for the flawless performance. It does not stop with these and sometimes it can be used to make a frothy drink. Understanding that the incredible blender could be the one which gives multi functions Hinari introduces MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender with quite a many attachments. A deeper study about this model can be obtained in this review.

Physical Characteristics:

This model is a combination of brushed stainless steel and black colour, the blender jar and the accessories are made of transparent finish with high quality plastic material. The size of this appliance is handy and it measures mere 380mm in height even when the tallest attachment is fixed, the witch and the depth are 100mm quite handy and round in shape. It is a 15 piece multi attachment set which serves for all purpose for the small quantity of food making. Quite clear that this multifunctional blender can perform functions like blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing, grating and whisking which handles almost most of the functions in the kitchen. Hinari MB280 The Genie 230 Watts Blender is also suitable for the travel purpose. Another highlight is the big foot design which firmly stands even in the smoothest surface.

Capacity and Power:

With the motorised operation the food can be handled easily and in a quick process. The motor built-in this blender has the power of 230 Watts which makes it easy to handle the blades. The blender jug provided has the capacity of 1 litre however it cannot be filled to the fullest. The size is portable and good enough to manage the blending requirement for the 2 to 3 members or about 3 cups.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple one-touch operation makes it all the simpler for the user. This straight forward operation is impressive and is the one highlighted in this model.
  • The 15 piece multi attachment is sure to replace few other small appliances which are generally possessed for different like chopper or juicer. This all-in-one blender is a boon for even the space conscious homes.
  • Multi functional and with the support of the powerful motor makes it clear that is could be a better option compared to the hand blenders.
  • Two stainless steel blades which are provides are designed with the flat and cross type used for different purpose. These blades are made of high grade stainless steel material which is not only sturdy but also durable.

Package Contents:

The purchase of Hinari MB280 The Genie Stainless Steel Blender comes also with the accessories like Jug blender, two cups, four party cups, two stay fresh lids and two steam tops. Added to these it does come with a recipe book in order to assist the right way of using.

Hinari MB280 Specifications

Manufacturer Hinari
Model Name MB280 The Genie Multi-Attachment Blender
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 380 x 100 x 100mm
Shape Round
Power 230 Watts
Blade 2 stainless steel flat and cross blades
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Functions Blending, chopping, mixing, grinding, puree, juicing,
grating and whisking
Highlight features Simple one-touch operation
15 piece multi attachment
Multi functional
Powerful motor
Two stainless steel blades
Jug capacity 1 litre
Package contents Jug blender, two cups, four party cups, two stay fresh lids,
two steam tops and recipe book