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Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender Review

Kenwood is a promising brand spread across world wide, blenders is one of its products that live up to the expectation of the customers. Blenders seem to be the most applicable appliance for any homes. Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender is such a beautiful appliance which gives functions like blending baby foods, soups, milk [...]

Kenwood BL335 1 Litre Blender Review

If you are looking for a reasonably priced blender for making soups and milkshakes, the Kenwood BL335 will not let you down. The BL335 is not much behind in terms of performance and value compared to the likes of Kenwood’s jug blender and if customer reviews are any indication, then the BL335 is pretty convenient [...]

Kenwood HB655 Blender Review

About Kenwood: Kenwood has been popular world over since the 1950s with its Kenwood Chef Kitchen machine, turning out to be a much-loved kitchen appliance. Today, it manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances from toasters to irons, weighing scales to water filters and smoothie makers to food processors changing people’s lifestyles towards the better. [...]

Kenwood HB615 Hand Blender Review

Hand blenders are really handy and they have become an easy-to-use and an essential kit. It is impossible to think of a kitchen without a blender. As we all know, blenders are of different types and they can do different types of works like chopping, whisking, blending or a combination of these features. Kenwood has [...]