If you are looking for a reasonably priced blender for making soups and milkshakes, the Kenwood BL335 will not let you down. The BL335 is not much behind in terms of performance and value compared to the likes of Kenwood’s jug blender and if customer reviews are any indication, then the BL335 is pretty convenient to use, easy to clean and is very effective at its job. First, a quick look at some of the pros and cons of this Kenwood blender.


  • Makes great milkshakes
  • Cheap at only about £20 online
  • Easy to use


  • Awkward  to clean, messy & durable
  • Cheap looking
  • Quite noisy

Not the most attractive of blenders:

The Kenwood BL335 Blender (product code: BL335) is useful for making sauces, soups, drinks, pates, dressings, mayonnaise and lots more. You can make use of the mill (if provided) for milling nuts, herbs and coffee beans. In terms of design and looks, the Kenwood BL 335 might look boring and really bland as it is made of cream plastic and has a very basic finish. But we suppose you get what you pay for. We reckon this will fit well into any modern kitchen. The blender is a good size and at 2.1kg it is not too heavy, ideal to store and use. The BL335 has a 1 litre jug with a ‘mill’ attachment and one speed setting, driven by a powerful 350 W motor. The plug is a standard 3 prong plug and therefore it is suitable for an average socket without the need for an adaptor. The jug comes with a removable lid with a lip for pouring the liquid out and it also features a special plastic part in the top that is built with a tiny hole for pouring water or juice through, or you can remove it to add chunks of fruits and veggies without your having to remove the lid. The one touch control system makes sure you have total control over your chopping.


We tried testing the BL335 1 Litre Blender with strawberries, kiwi and blackberries for a smoothie and it did a nice job of blending the fruits quite well. There are 4 stainless steel blades at the bottom of the blender jug that do the cutting and they cut pretty well. We tried making a banana smoothie and the banana was easily and quickly mashed without any trouble. We did end up adding a little amount of liquid to help the blades move a little faster and this does not seem to be a problem at all.
We put this down to the fact that the stainless blades are lower in the blender jug and with the quality that it is made from, it can blend everything from frozen fruits to fresh fruits and veggies to bit of ice. Nevertheless for the price, it gives a better blend than some of the other expensive appliances. We particularly liked the sprinkler built in the spice grinder attachment, which is used for replacing the blade unit after milling and shaking out your food and also the sprinkler lid is not airtight. When we are blending bread for bread crumbs, we did scoop some of the larger pieces out from the blender blades. But these apart, we were not able to find any of it a bother.


The Kenwood BL335 Table Blender is primarily a liquidizer which can blend food. The mill is used for dry ingredients only. The manufacturer gives you a couple of attachments with the smaller blender attachment perfect for the chillies, garlic and ginger base for curries. The mill is quite practical for chopping herbs, nuts, spices, etc that all go through at speed. This said, we have had a few customer complaints that the mill is not too good for grinding spices and that coffee beans can be too hard for the mill. If you need a grinder for grinding into fine powder, make use of the small grinder attachment which can certainly do the job within seconds.
When you are making mayonnaise, make sure you put all the ingredients, except the oil into this blender. Then with the machine in operation, the oil is poured in the removable filler cap with oil drip feed. Thick mixtures including dips and pates may require scraping down and if you find it difficult to process, add some more liquid. When you are crushing ice, add at least 15ml (1 table spoon) water to six ice cubes and make sure you run the machine in short burst. The lid for the little blending compartment helps you store it in the fridge.

Easy to use:

Simply  attach  the jug to the base, select the setting and add the food that is chopped into the jug and put the lid on and then just turn the dial.

Graduated acrylic goblet:

There is a graduated acrylic goblet printed on both sides for both right handed as well as left handed use. The safety system of the blender guarantees that it operates only when the blades and goblet are correctly positioned.

Single speed function:

As far as blending is concerned, it is fine and no real fuss, but you have pretty limited options on this area – generally on and off with the help of a high speed button that quickens the process. We also could not believe how loud the operation was. We were expecting noise, but this was rather loud and you will not want it for long. This said, it is not pretty long to bother you as it only requires being run in shorter burst, say about 40 seconds to get the ingredients nicely mixed. On the negative side, it proved a bit difficult managing the locking system. There is no speed/power control and ‘pulse switch’  for blending things like desiccated coconut, etc and without ‘Ice-crush’ function, we would not suggest adding ice cubes for crushing.

Full Safety Interlocks:

It is so easy to commit a mistake when you are connecting the machine for the first time and it has to click suitably into place with a circular twist. The Kenwood BL335 350 Watts blender requires to be twisted to lock onto the base and this is not suitable as the blender jug twists together as well. The jug has to be unscrewed from the base using the base of the jug to ensure safety. We could not get it to switch on the machine on all, in spite of having the jug safely locked in place. It did work with the mill attachment, though only in one of two possible fitting positions, so we are not completely satisfied with the safety interlock system. So, just be a little careful to unscrew it close to the base of the blender. Once the machine is in operation, the top can be opened and you can put your hand into it any time. We would rather like to have the blender built with child lock or something that could thwart this from happening.

Other features:

There is an easy grip handle ergonomically built and anti-slip rubber feet that secures the machine in place. Cord storage is integrated so that the cord can be neatly wrapped up and completely tucked away as well. There is no removable filter system for nice, smooth pouring results. The product is also in accordance with EC DIRECTIVE 2002/96/EC.

Dismantling parts:

The tricky bit is obviously dismantling the juice dispenser from the base unit for serving. Because you need to remove the unit from the base to clean all the parts, you are only left with two options. One, do not twist it too tight after you clean and dry it, so that when you need to pour the juice, you may accidentally unscrew the bit which holds the base in  place and the juice goes everywhere. Second, secure the base tightly and you can find arrow indicators beneath to indicate the direction. When it comes to emptying and cleaning the juice container, you are confronted with the annoying job of struggling to twist the base for accessing the fiddly bits you have to clean (blade, suction ring, etc).

Easy to wash:

The Kenwood BL335 White Colour blender is pretty easy to wash and the instruction manual will walk you through on washing it. The blender parts are not meant to go in a dishwasher, but it will take hardly 10 minutes to remove the bottom off, wash the lid, blades and jug and then dry. Just a few points on the cleaning instruction in case you do not have the time to go through the manual. The jug should be emptied before you unscrew it from the blade unit. Always wipe the parts with a damp cloth and then dry them. You should push the excess cord inside the back of the appliance. Do not touch the sharp blades and you should always brush them with hot, soapy water and then thoroughly run them under the tap. It is advisable not to immerse the blade unit in water and make sure you leave it dry to upside down.  Finally, wash the unit by hand and then dry.

Manufacturer warranty:

The product is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year against manufacturing faults from the original purchase date.


One thing that we have been impressed with the blender for sure is that there are no chunks of fruits and veggies left in anything and we recommend anyone who use the blender like to be gentle to ensure it lasts as long as possible. It does very fine what it actually says; besides giving you smoother food and saving you time. The blender copes fine with soups, onions, oranges, bananas, etc and at times if it does not blend, make sure you cut up the pieces small. Overall, it is a decent piece of kitchen equipment that can fit nicely in the corner of your kitchen worktop. However, certain drawbacks of the machine made us to give it three stars.

Kenwood BL335 Blender – Product Specification Details

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name Kenwood BL335 Blender
Product Code BL335
Blender Type Table blender
Weight 2.1kg
Colour White
Motor features
Power 350 W
Speed Settings 1
Pulse setting No
Ice crushing function No
Jug capacity 1 litre
Material of housing Plastic
Material of blade Stainless steel
Chopper No
Filter No
Easy Clean No
Cord Storage Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Full Safety Interlocks Yes
Dimension (H x W x L) 36 x 21 x 17cm
Material of Jug Glass
Machine washable Yes
Wash Instructions Wipe parts with damp cloth & dry
Highlight features Mill attachment
Removable lid with lip for pouring the liquid
One touch control system
Graduated acrylic goblet (both right as well as left handed use)
Accordance with EC DIRECTIVE 2002/96/EC
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year