Hand blenders are really handy and they have become an easy-to-use and an essential kit. It is impossible to think of a kitchen without a blender. As we all know, blenders are of different types and they can do different types of works like chopping, whisking, blending or a combination of these features. Kenwood has been topping in the production of kitchen appliances and their blenders, in particular, are really promising. The Kenwood Wizzard HB615 Pro hand blender is a slim and attractive blender that can perform only blending operation and the cost is also relatively less. The detailed description of the product is as follows.


What makes a product more captive and desirable is the on road appearance. When we look at certain products that are out on the display, our heart goes for them, but then, the price may steam away all our desires. This Kenwood HB615 2-Speed Hand Blender is one product which is at a reachable height. The design of this blender is comely! It is completely amazing with a thin structure and an utterly dominating color.  The upper housing is white in colour while the handgrip is grey in colour. This color combination seems to have worked out pretty well and overall it feels great to even look at the product. The Kenwood Wizzard HB615 Pro hand blender has a wand that is made of stainless steel and this implies that the durability and the workability are more. Also the rotating blades which carry out the blending action are made of stainless steel. This is practically a very good choice because; with stainless steel wand and stainless steel blades there would be no trouble in blending a hot item. This hand blender made of Polypropylene weighs only 0.95 Kg, which means that it is very light-weighted and carrying it or moving it from one place to another could be done in a matter of few seconds.

Detachable Metal Shaft:

As said earlier, the HB615 blender is made of a metal shaft which takes the white color with a grey handgrip. This metal shaft is detachable. The 400W motor is housed beneath the metal shaft and this obviously means that the metal shaft is not dish-washable. So this shaft can be easily removed in no time and can be fitted back easily when it is required again.

Stainless Steel Blades:

The stainless steel blades are the most powerful and strongest when it comes to the job of blending. These blades are highly recommended because of their very high efficiency. The stainless steel blades can blend the required item in few seconds reducing the time of making a juice or puree or a smoothie.

Rapid blending Motor:

The 400W motor is rapid in its work. The motor works duly and exceptionally well. All that the user has to do is, chop the fruit or a vegetable into pieces, shove it in the beaker, insert the blender, switch it on and there goes the “Whoosh” sound for a few seconds and then your puree or juice or herbos is ready! Sit back and enjoy.


Kenwood generously offers the users of the HB615 400 W Pro hand blender a beaker that has a capacity of 0.7 Litre. The beaker comes with a lid so that the blended item can be stored in the refrigerator for future use. Moreover, the beaker is calibrated and so accuracy and precision can be achieved. Since the beaker is made of plastic, it is safe to handle since it would not break even if dropped unknowingly. The beaker is only an accessory and obviously the users are free to use any container of their choice to blend.

Speed Variations:

Most of the blenders these days come with speed variations and this particular blender has a 2 speed motor which helps in attaining the perfect consistency needed for any particular item. But this machine does not support Turbo speed function. But even without that function, this machine fairs really well in blending and it is done in no time.

Non slip base:

The non slip base ensures that both the machine and the user are safe. With the help of this non slip base, the users can work comfortably. Since this machine is not that heavy or large, there might be situations where it might be pushed unknowingly. Under these conditions, the machine stands erect without sliding away.

Soft textured and Sure Grip:

A major requirement for a blender is the presence of a safe and easy hold. The grey coloured hand grip is soft textured which ensures sure grip when held in the hand. This means that the users need not have a fear whether their machine might slip away from their hands while it is blending. The soft texture of the grip gives a comfortable handling for the users and both the rough and the soft hands that use the machine would feel soft and safe.

No Blade Guard:

One small issue in this 400 W blender is that it does not support a blade guard. This means that there might be problems of splashing the puree or juice or any liquid all over the surface while the blending progresses.

Dish-wash safe:

The wand and the blades are dish-wash safe. So, after using they can be removed separately and washed cleanly. There are few blenders that give trouble to the users after the blending work is done. But this one is very comfortable to use and also gets cleaned very easily, the upper part is not cleanable though. Cleaning and maintaining the blender is not an arduous task at all.


The Kenwood HB615 0.7 litre capacity blender gives a good performance. The speed is laudable and the pulse function is also included. This means that the consistency can be achieved as intended by the user. Moreover, the beaker helps the users in blending small quantity items. The moment the switch is set on, the noise produced is indeed noticeable, but not irritating, mainly because of less time consumption. Overall, though this blender does not receive an “Excellent”, it is definitely “Admirable” and “Satisfying”.


The warranty covered for the Kenwood Wizard HB615 Pro Hand Blender is 1 year.


The Kenwood HB615 Pro Hand blender is a simple immersion blender that can blend any item to the required texture at a comfortable speed and produces a good output. But unfortunately, the blender can not chop or whisk. This means that before blending, all the bigger items should be chopped into pieces separately and then only fed into the beaker. Moreover, there is no blade guard as said earlier. To add to the chagrin, there is no complete safety interlock. Other than this, there are the common features that are essential for a blender. It has a neat design and blends at a good rate and last but not the least, it is definitely not expensive. So what more is needed for a simple pro hand blender? Pick one right away if you are looking out for a blender that has the above mentioned features.

Kenwood HB615 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name Kenwood Wizzard HB615 Pro Hand Blender
Model Number HB615
Blender Type Pro Hand Blender
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 36.5 x 9.7 x 9.7 cm
Motor 400 Watt motor
Housing PP
Jars Plastic
Blade Stainless steel
Speeds 2
Double action blades Yes
Pulse function Yes
Ice crushing function No
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Disassembly level Easy
Beaker Yes, 0.7L beaker
Chopper No
Power 400 Watt
Voltage 220-240 V
Available colour White with grey handgrip
Highlight features Variable speed
Detachable metal shaft
Easy to disassemble
Box Contents 1 x Blender,
1 x 0.7 L Measuring Beaker,
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Plug
1 x Registration Card
Warranty 1 year