About Kenwood:

Kenwood has been popular world over since the 1950s with its Kenwood Chef Kitchen machine, turning out to be a much-loved kitchen appliance. Today, it manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances from toasters to irons, weighing scales to water filters and smoothie makers to food processors changing people’s lifestyles towards the better. The following review is about the Kenwood HB655 3 in 1 Wizard System Hand Blender, another innovative Hand blender in its product line.


The Kenwood HB655 Hand Blender is a 3 in 1 food preparation set designed to make so many jobs a bit easier and a future design classic you will be quite proud to own. This hand blender features a white body and a grey handgrip. Other accessories that come along with the product include a mini chopper and balloon whisk.

Rubber-Grip Handle:

This HB655 hand blender has a soft Unique SureGrip handle and push buttons which make it easy to use. You are also less likely to drop while using it. Just fit the power handle inside the whisk collar, turn and lock for blending saucepan, etc. This very feature accounts for easy operation and user comfort.

Powerful 400 Watt motor:

A 400 Watt motor gives professional quality power for use at home and we found it reasonably quiet. Despite a powerful motor, it splashes less than most juicers. The hand blender has a two-speed setting to ensure complete user control and faster bursts of liquidising. For safety reasons, crushing ice using the Kenwood hand blender is not advisable; a Kenwood Blender will be more suitable. The detachable immersion wand made of plastic comes as a nice feature and is used for cleaning.

Foods to chop:

You can chop cheese, meat, vegetables, bread, herbs, biscuits, nuts and whip light ingredients including egg whites, cream, instant desserts and sugar for whisked sponges. Take out any bones and cut food into 1-2cm cubes. Avoid chopping or crushing hard foods like ice cubes, coffee beans, spices and chocolate for it will damage the blade.

700ml Calibrated beaker:

This Kenwood HB655 blender has a generous 700ml calibrated plastic beaker that makes sure you have complete control over splashing liquid around your kitchen by reducing it.

Chopper attachment:

The mini chopper has a stainless steel finish to it and comes with several attachments. Having used the chopper once for chopping vegetables, we found that it could do more than herbs and chop meat, spices, nuts, onions without tears, garlic; not to mention tasty dips and introducing texture to the baby food and the list goes on. Just a word of caution on the use of chopper attachment; never touch the sharp blades and always remove the chopper blade before you empty the bowl. Make sure you do not remove the cover until the blade has fully stopped.

Durable Whisk:

A whisk is all you need to blend your mixes to whip light ingredients (like instant desserts), cream and mix up pancake batter and beat egg whites into peaks. But make sure you do not whisk heavier mixtures like margarine and sugar because you may damage the whisk. Also, do not whisk more than four egg whites or 400ml (3/4pt) cream. Always start on speed 1 to avoid splashing and move the whisk clockwise. As a safety instruction, do not allow the liquid to get above the whisk wires.

Storage & Safety System:

An integrated, handy cord storage system that you can find under the housing helps you save some space by making everything sit together in one clean, convenient unit. We actually liked the safety interlock mechanism that will allow the blender to function only when the lid is closed completely, thereby preventing injury and misuse.

Dual-function rubber base/lid:

There is a rubber base to the chopper to stop it moving on the worktop. The rubber base can be removed, turned over and it can turn out to become a lid for food storage. A balloon whisk makes all your whipping needs and smaller kitchen tasks easier. The other day, we used it for whisking light creams and frothing mixtures and did we tell you that it was a breeze! It also can also make short work of beating eggs. So, no more aching forearms because of whisking by hand.

Dishwasher Safe:

More often that, we hear a lot of questions from consumers like why don’t manufacturers design things that are dishwasher proof? This Kenwood HB655 Hand Blender & Chopper has dishwashable parts including blender shaft, blade, chopper, beaker, whisk, bowl, base/lids; however the motor housing of a Hand Blender is never dishwashable. Also, the holder for the whisk and top bit of the chopping bowl are not easily dishwashable.

Warranty (UK only):

The manufacturer offers a warranty of 1 year (UK only) for this product against manufacturing defects.

Use & Care:

Do not touch the blades while the machine is plugged in and never try blending hot oil or fat. Make sure you do not put the power handle in water or allow the cord or plug get wet because you may get an electric shock. Never allow the cord to come into contact with hot surfaces. Do not overheat the blender by blending heavy mixtures for more than 50 seconds in any four minute. When blending saucepan, make use of speed 1 for slower blending and reduced splashing. Never let liquid rise above the join between the power handle and hand blender shaft.


Make sure you switch off and unplug before cleaning. Always ensure that the shaft is fully sterilised. Some food items like carrot may slightly discolour the plastic. Rub with a cloth dipped in vegetable oil to remove any discolouring. Always wipe using a damp cloth and let it dry for some time. Avoid using abrasives and never immerse in water. And always remember to rinse it straight away after use before putting it back into the box.


The hand blender does not have an Anti splash blade guard like Philips HR1363, which is a bit disappointing. Sometimes foods like nuts, meat will get stuck in blades or between the stainless blades producing a grinding noise and no chopping. Some customers have also found that the Kenwood stick has a different design at the bottom that makes it a little splashier and that the chopping bowl is bit too small. But you have to use that one because of the way in which the attachment fits into it. Finally, a spare whisk could have been pretty handy.

Box Contents:

1 x Kenwood HB655 3-in-1 Wizard System Hand Blender
1 x Dual-function rubber base/lid (for food storage)
1 x 0.7 litre beaker
1 x Balloon whisk
1 x Chopper
1 x Product instructions


This hand blender complies with European Economic Community Directive 89/336/EEC. Having said that, there are definite pros and cons to this blender. But as for us, we wanted something that could whisk for hot chocolates and this blender fit the bill. Then, making raspberry coulis, light cakes, sauces and custards did not seem to be a problem either. The addition of a chopping bowl and whisk is indeed a bonus. The blender is certainly value for money!

Kenwood HB655 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name HB655 3 in 1 Wizard System Hand Blender
Model Number HB655
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 36.5 x16 x 13.5
Weight 1.3kg
Power 400W
Integrated Cord Storage Yes
Balloon whisk Yes (Whisk Collar & wire whisk)
Speed buttons Yes
Speeds 2
Wand Detachable
Pulse function Yes
Ice crushing function No
Non-slip base Yes
Full safety interlocks Yes
Beaker Yes (0.7L beaker + lid)
Chopper Attachments Yes (Cover, blade, base/lid)
Chopping bowl Yes
Anti splash blade guard No
Body White
Handgrip Grey
Body Plastic
Blades Stainless Steel
Wand Plastic
Beaker Plastic
Handle Soft touch Rubber Handle
Dishwasher safe parts Yes (except motor housing)
Disassembly level Easy
Cleaning level Easy
Product  Instructions Yes
Available colour White with Grey (Hand grip)
Care Instructions Clean with soft damp cloth
Box Contents 1 x Kenwood HB655 3-in-1 Wizard System Hand Blender
1 x Dual-function rubber base/lid
1 x 0.7 litre beaker
1 x Balloon whisk
1 x Chopper
1 x Product instructions
Guarantee 1 year (UK only)
Standard Compliance European Economic Community Directive 89/336/EEC
Highlight features Dual-function rubber base/lid for food storage
Rear cord clip for simple, compact storage
Storage system for easy attachment access
Unique SureGrip for easy operation & user comfort
Dishwasher safe wand