Kenwood is a promising brand spread across world wide, blenders is one of its products that live up to the expectation of the customers. Blenders seem to be the most applicable appliance for any homes. Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender is such a beautiful appliance which gives functions like blending baby foods, soups, milk shakes, sauces and mayonnaise. The attachments of this model do allow mixing, chopping and churning as well. There are few other reasons why this model is adorable and they are discussed in the following review.


Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade 700 Watts Hand Blender pops up to be the choice of any household for its stick style design. A wide smile that sparks on to the face is the availability of various accessories which gives extended functions. Basically the hand blender seem to be a mimic on the open competition but the luxury is the quality and design, it also has got many appropriate features that is been appreciated vastly. The colour co-ordination with the blender and all its accessories is peppercorn. The size is 235mm in length, 240mm in width and 355mm in height. It is also light in weight but on the whole along with all the accessories it weighs 3.1 kg.

Blades, Speed and Power:

The lifting of feature directly means to the blade quality. It is something like the right foot is straight connected to the blade technology. Kenwood does not fail to make it special with the revolutionary Triblade technology. This is unique and works in excellence in less than usual time. The speed setting is variable which is been controlled with the settings and it works in 5 different speed levels which can be opted based on the quantity, type of food. All the attached parts are also made of stainless steel blade. The whisk which helps to whip up creams is also made of durable stainless steel. The presence of 700 Watts motor supports when working around multiple functions.


There are lot of involvement in the product features which is been accompanied by all the flair of possessing this product. Ergonomic design with sure grip handle makes you feel nothing matters expect the comfort of handling this model gives.

Removable blending wand and 3 blade technology are also unique features that give lasting performance. The unique foot design and the powerful motor accompany well but also make it look compact and stylish. The control is variable speed with Turbo boost button that eases the operation and brings a good control irrespective of the type of food it is used for.

Dishwasher safe parts are all the parts but for the one when has motor in it. In any case it seems to be giving fastest and easiest way for the maintenance. Kenwood HB894 kMix Triblade Peppercorn Finish Hand Blender also comes with full safety interlock system which adds to safe operation.

Accessories and Guarantee:

Balloon whisk accessory, Food processor bowl with knife blade, Metal wand with triblade and Soup XL accessory are the inclusive that comes as the package contents. The guarantee period offered by Kenwood is for 1 year which takes care of the manufacturing defects.

Kenwood HB894 Specifications

Manufacturer Kenwood
Model Name HB894 kMix Triblade Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Dimension (H x W x L)mm 355 x 240 x 235mm
Weight 3.1 kg
Power 700 Watts
Blade Stainless steel blade
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Speed 5
Highlight features Ergonomic design with sure grip handle
Removable blending wand
3 blade technology
Unique foot design
Powerful motor
Variable speed with Turbo boost button
Dishwasher safe parts
Full safety interlock
Inclusive Balloon whisk accessory
Food processor bowl with knife blade
Metal wand with triblade
Soup XL accessory
Guarantee 1 year