It is not a seriously philosophical debate, but again the question which is often asked ‘Why go for a hand blender when you have a normal food processor that is simply as good? After making use of the latest Hand Stick blender from Krups, we now beg to differ on our point as most food processors  these days seem to occupy a permanent place in the kitchen cupboard and more importantly the standard features of hand immersion blenders seem to outweigh the likely advantages of the food processors. While the Krups GPA3 is a hand blender, you can also use it with a whisk attachment to make mayonnaise, beat cream or as a mini grinder. Therefore we suppose, the GPA3 is actually three tools in one.

Krups needs no great introduction as a brand as we had already reviewed a classy jug blender in its line up viz the Krups KB720744 Jug Blender. Krups is famous for its wide range of coffee machines, espresso makers, toasters, sandwich makers, kettles, blenders and perhaps much more than this. Let us continue the review on the Hand Stick blender to see if its performance goes way beyond ordinariness, but before that, a quick look at the highs and lows of this blender.

What is hot?

  • Sturdy & easy Change/release of shafts without any twist and just at the press of a button
  • Useful digital display to make out if you could go slower or faster before or during use
  • Sharp knife blades
  • All parts (plus measuring cup) are of decent quality
  • Good blender & chopper performance
  • Easy to control, non-slip and not much heavy
  • Nicely designed and feels pleasant in the hand
  • Could be wall mounted

What is not?

  • Lacks ice-crushing function

Design features:

The Krups GPA3 Hand Stick blender is a high scoring ease of use, ergonomically built blender that is quite convenient to work particularly when you are whisking and is great for mayonnaise, smoothies, batters, whizzing eggs & soup, chopping onions (to perfection), milk shakes, creaming sugar & butter for cakes and pureeing soup. The design of the blender should be described as ‘award winning’ for it looks so stylish.

Stylish chrome & black design:

This GPA3 hand blender features a black & silver design and we suppose this design should have been created to sync with an upmarket contemporary kitchen’s granite counter. We usually store away most kitchen equipments and items away in cupboards until we need it the next time for use. However, this hand blender can spend a lot of time on your kitchen surface thereby complementing the overall look of your room. Let us face it, style is one thing, can the blender deliver in terms of performance and value?

Digital display:

At the top of the motor unit, there is a 1.4m mains lead that emerges from and in addition there is a 2.5cm x 1cm display, a unique digital screen that simply tells you the speed of the motor expressed as graphic, accounting for precise speed control. We had to admit that we had to force ourselves to look at it as we happen to judge by sound and by what is actually happening with whatever we work with. As far as we are concerned, it just seems to be like a gimmick.

Wall mounting block:

The Krups GPA3 Multi-function blender is provided with a wall mounting block built for the motor unit, but at the same time, it makes us wonder why the earth the other parts like the mini grinder, jug, balloon whisk do not necessarily have a home. We tend to find after washing it as it tells to be dishwasher proof. Obviously this does not include the motor arm and this means you need to wipe it using a damp cloth and only after you disconnect it from the mains.


Powerful 600W motor:

Firstly, the Krups GPA3 Hand Stick blender has a powerful 600W motor. In terms of size, it is 39cm long and the machine motor part features a length of 20cm and the stainless steel blenders can clip into the end giving it a length of 39cm. Krups has made use of Motor Technik, a latest motor technology that monitors and regulates the motor activity, guaranteeing a consistent operating speed (RPM), irrespective of the load. There is a push button at the end of the motor part which allows the appliance to be removed and put in the sink, etc and also there is no need for your hands to touch it. There is a drawback to the use of power button and that is you have to hold it down so as to make it function. This may be pretty mind-numbing when you need to use the blender for longer period and you might tend to get slight finger cramp .But this anyway is a minor issue and overall it is very good.

No ice-crushing function:

Product information on several websites states an ice-crushing function (though not the manufacturer website), while on the other hand, the manufacturer’s instruction tells you not to do this. Watch out the product description on Amazon as it says that the blender is integrated with an ice crushing function. This said, we thought it can probably cope with ice and we perhaps we recommend you look for a hand blender that is integrated with ice-crushing function, if you are very picky about it.

Speed control dial-soft start technology:

This blender comes with a simple and convenient 6 speed control dial-soft start technology that gives a smooth start. With the unique ‘roller’ finger control, you need to simply roll the dial for reaching the speed needed. You can use low speed for eggs as the egg whisk does not seem to prefer ‘tougher’ ingredients on high speed.

Rubber grip:

The motor part is integrated with a rubber grip which goes right from the top for 9cm. There is another push button located at the other side to the grip and just under it, you can find a thumb wheel twist setting which allows you to begin as slowly as you like before stepping up the speed. This factor is pretty significant unless you wish to garnish with soup as you put a hand blender into liquids or into any other items that are to be blended will at the beginning cause mayhem, therefore make you sure you start the process slow. In addition, if you find the ingredients hot, you can end up with terrible burns. You could of course make use of it for making smoothies, etc and you can even deal with smaller quantity of ice.

Range of attachments:

The Krups GPA3 Hand Immersion blender comes with a wide range of attachments including jug, bowl, multiwhisk and blades for crushing ice. We gave it what we thought will be a real unfair test to check out what it was capable of. We required some castor sugar for some cakes because we had only normal sugar, we put that in and made use of the grinder to see if we can make the sugar any finer. We were not expecting it to deliver too much of a performance, but were taken by surprise when after several minutes, we got the sugar we required.

Large 800ml goblet:

We had a Philips unit reviewed recently on our website that is built with an 800ml (30 oz) grinder. Likewise, the Krups GPA3 has a fairly large 800ml goblet. You will require the motor part and this is attached to the lid of the grinder, thereby producing a 36cm tall unit. Like all these devices, they do not tend to overfill.  It is termed a grinder and gives you the impression it is meant for only dry ingredients including nuts, though we had used it with carrots and day old boiled potatoes which is mixed with apple and then we added a little flour for getting a pasty consistency before we dry fried these. We found the blender a pretty sharp eater and perfect for the recipe we had mentioned above.

Whisk attachment:

There is also a whisk attachment made of stainless steel provided along with the product that you can simply used in the measuring jug (1 litre) supplied if you are making hollandaise or mayonnaise because the confined space is perfect for the egg at the start, however watch out as the volume increases.

Large 700ml mini chopper:

Another impressive attachment is the large mini chopper of capacity 700ml. We found the chopper blades to be quite sharp (our fingers confirmed this on our very first observation). The chopper attachment is pretty good for meat, onions, cheese, nuts, vegetables, baby food and they always are.

Dishwasher safe:

All the parts of the GPA3 Premium Multi-Function Hand Blender are of good quality. Both the plastic jugs are quite strong with sharp chopper blades. Dismantling the various attachments is pretty easy and putting them through the dishwasher is of no problem.

Instruction Manual:

We feel certain there must be some instructions, though they never got to us. Perhaps, a lot of brands do not have the same and that and then, a few pages or so of easy and simple instructions of connection. We thought a small cookbook and advice on the sort of things you should use the blender for would have been quite handy.


This blender is available at a price of about £55 in several places online. But the good news is that there are online stores and retailers which sell the product for less than £50, so make sure you research a bit online and check out the best price before you buy one.

Manufacturer Warranty:

The Krups GPA3 Premium Multi Function Hand Blender is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials. This warranty as stated in the manufacturer’s website commences from the original date of purchase.


We are pretty impressed with the blender on a number of levels particularly, the good looks which does not kill your hand when you are using it. Next comes its overall smooth operation, thanks to the fact that it is so quiet that it makes you barely think it is doing anything unless you look down at it and it has finished its task. Another advantage is the nice, solid motor unit and the stainless steel hand stick blender clicks together and unclicks easily, though we are not particularly fascinated by the digital screen.

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Krups GPA3 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Krups
Model Name Krups GPA3 Hand Stick blender
Product Code GPA3
Blender Type Hand Blender
Finish Chrome & black
Motor power 600W
Technology Motor Technik
Ice crushing function No
Speed features 6 speed control dial-soft start technology
Unique ‘roller’ finger control
Non-slip base No
Whisk attachment Yes
Mini chopper Yes
Digital display Yes (dimension: 2.5cm x 1cm )
Bowl Capacity 800ml
Jug capacity 700ml
Wall mounting block Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes (except motor)
Wash instructions Wipe clean with damp cloth (for motor arm only)
Pulse control No
Extra turbo function No
Full safety interlocks No
Length of cord 1.4m
Material No
Body Stainless steel
Whisk attachment Stainless steel
Blades Stainless steel
Jug & Bowl Plastic
Box Contents 1 x Hand blender
1 x 700ml bowl
1 x 800ml jug
1 x Multiwhisk attachment
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years