The popular brand in home appliances, Morphy Richards is one of the most trusted brands comprising a real big product line which covers nearly every of the electrical appliances found in every household today. Even though the brand has dominated in all the products it deals in, the most widely appreciated product that helped Morphy Richards to become a world class brand is their successful range of juicers and blenders including Table and Hand blenders. The following review will cover one of its exciting table blenders namely the 48953 Smooth FoodFusion Blender.

Classic design:

The Morphy Richards SMOOTH FoodFusion Blender (product code: 48953) is great for soups, drinks, pates, mayonnaise, sauces, dressings etc. You can also use this blender for crushing ice for cocktails, desserts etc and are a godsend particularly when you are in a hurry for lunch. The build seemed to be of good quality and looks great on the counter. It is really sturdy and does not jump around while in operation. What impressed us the most is its classic design with heavy duty die cast body. The beautifully designed die cast housing with its matt metal finish, the motor body and the central shiny dial make it a good piece of art on the countertop. In addition, the silver colour blender is robust, durable and long lasting and not to mention its performance which is solid and quite powerful. The machine does not take up too much of space on the counter either.

Powerful performance:

The Morphy Richards 48953 blender is driven by a powerful 620 watt motor for powerful multifunction action and 800 W for Pulse function. There is the blender control switch knob that comes with the following speed settings – Pulse, Off and Speed 1 to Speed 4. You can easily adjust the speed by turning the knob to either pulse or speed 1 to speed 4 depending on the consistency you need, while the blender is in operation. The pulse settings give you better control over the texture of the food produced and should be used only for short ‘burst’ of blending. The instructions say that you must not run the blender for more than 1 minute a time, but, since it develops a speed of 15000-20000 rpm, it should be good enough for most tasks. The stainless steel blender blades are very sharp, so you have to pay attention if you have kids, as they may experiment with ‘things’ to be chopped.

Does it work well?

The instruction manual is quite clear and the operation could not be much easier. First, unpack everything, place the base on the counter and next fit the blender jug on the base unit. Feed anything you want in it, then plug it and turn it on closing the cover. Hey presto off you go! We used the blender the first time to make a smoothie with frozen berries, green tea, yoghurt and a little sugar. We turned SMOOTH and saw it whirl around all the ingredients, but it did not seem to be doing much. There was no noise of frozen fruits against the jug, as we used to hear with other ones that sounded more like a concrete mixer. We turned the machine off and gave it another pulse without even checking.  When we lifted the cover, we discovered the perfect smoothie and everything was indeed so smooth with no half chewed bits of fruit and lumps. The operation noise is not very high, even when we could smell heated plastic, but that smell too went away with repeated uses thereafter. We even tested the blender with shakes (MMM, vanilla), smoothies, soups, sauces, dips and drinks. This said, the manufacturer advises not to blend more than 1 litre (13/4 pints) less for frothy liquids like milk shakes.

Ice crushing facility:

The ice crushing function can crush ice for which you have the control switch to pulse position and hold for a while. Do note that the maximum capacity for crushing ice at any one time is 500 ml. When making mayonnaise, we put all the ingredients except oil into the machine. Then with the machine running, we poured a little oil slowly into the blender through the filler cap hole.
Thick mixtures including creams, dips and pates may need scraping, but no problem here as you can easily scrap them out from the bottom using a spatula, so there is not much waste save for you have to scrap down the mixture a few times to get even texture. Just make sure you switch off the machine first and add more liquid if you find the mixture difficult to process. However, the results are very light and tasty.

Another thing to watch out here is that you should not put dry ingredients into the machine before you switch it on.  Running the machine with dry ingredients for more than 15 seconds is not desirable and allowing it to cool for 15 minutes will ensure lasting performance. We usually cut them into pieces and drop them into the running machine one by one, removing the filler cap. Even when you are blending, pour the liquids in first followed by solid foods. The manufacturer manual also says that you should always start blending at lower speed and gradually increase the speed when required.

Glass jug:

The Morphy Richards 48953 4-Speed blender comes with a 1.5L flat bottomed glass jug with 4 blade configuration that will give you improved speed efficiency like when you are crushing ice. You will be able to place the jug in 6 different positions and is suitable for both left & right handed use. The glass jug is graduated up to 1500ml/6 cups and there could be spills involved when you put more than the maximum capacity. We had a problem once with the running of the machine, but found that the jug was not locked on the base, so make sure you place the glass jug correctly into the base unit and that it is securely in place. You can also insert it in special ‘dents’ and its weight will keep the jug in place, together with the motor drive coupling. There is also an interlock system that prevents the motor running if you have not positioned the jug properly. There are certain things you should avoid like adding hot liquids to glass jug or using it as a storage container. When you are done with the blending, fill the glass jug with 1 litre (13/4 pints) of warm water and run for 30 seconds on the pulse and you can repeat it as required. Cleaning the jug is a snap and use of abrasives or cream cleaners causes damage when you are washing it. All in all, we liked the system as it is quite practical and easy to set up. And in case of any spills, it is likely that it will get into the motor, but instead get trapped into the jug stand.

Measuring cap:

There is a stainless steel measuring cap that you can use it to measure small quantities of liquid. The machine is solid and pretty heavy and sometimes it would ‘wobble’ or ‘jump around’ when it is working, but the blender is built with a nonslipping rubber feet that provides a nonslip, non-marring grip.

Neat storage and no clutter:

The Morphy Richards blender has a clever cord & plug storage. The cable can be conveniently wrapped around the base and on the back you can find a socket-like storage place for the plug, so everything is really neat and tidy.

Instruction manual/Recipe book:

The blender comes with a detailed instruction manual in an easy to understand non-technical language. We actually like the nice recipe book which gives you some interesting suggestions on how to make use of the different machines of the Food Fusion range, together with SMOOTH. You can find each recipe illustrated in a strikingly attractive picture.

Clean up is a breeze:

Cleaning up the blender parts is a doodle. Most of the time, it is enough if you simply pour some warm water and a drop of dish soap in the blender jug and whizz it for several seconds on pulse followed by a quick rinse and that is it. But even when you need to use a sponge, kitchen paper roll or damp cloth, it is easy to reach the bottom of the blender base unit or the bottom of the jug as the blades are pretty short (which made us doubt about the efficiency of the blender at first, but we guess the ‘grooves’ in the blender jug are nicely thought out and everything gets really chopped well). We do not think it is safe to put the blender parts through the dishwasher, but it is somewhat bulky, anyway.

Things to watch out for:

The Morphy Richards 48953 blender has a heat protection system, but it is not built with any safety system for the cover, therefore you can turn it on without the cover in place, even if we suggest, you don’t. We found the operating chart really useful in knowing about the recommended time limit and maximum volume for processing food. Make sure the lid is in place before switching on the machine and do not remove it until the blender blades have stopped rotating. In case of any liquid spills in the top of the blender, switch off the appliance, unplug from the socket and dry with a cloth.

Manufacturer warranty:

The product is covered under a 5 year warranty when registered directly with Morphy Richards and if you do not register your product directly with them, it is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing faults from the original purchase date.


Good points: We found the ice cubes evenly chopped and yet coarse. It is really quick and efficient at making crumbs without any stirring and barely any trapped under blades. You can place the goblet in any position on base.

Drawbacks: The slowest setting seems to be fast and when making mayonnaise, the ingredients tend to splash out of the feed hole. You can find nuts reduce topowder even when you set the speed to pulse. The machine is bit noisy on maximumspeeds. The sharp blades do not remove from the jug making it a little difficultto clean under them. All said and done, it is a great buy for the price.

Morphy Richards 48953 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Morphy Richards
Model Name Smooth FoodFusion Blender
Product Code 48953
Blender Type Table blender
Weight 4.3kg
Colour Silver
Finish Matt metal
Motor features
Power 620 W (800 W on Pulse)
Speed Settings Pulse, Off, Speed 1 to Speed 4
Ice crushing function Yes
Max.capacity (crushing ice) 500 ml
Jug capacity 1.5 litre/6 caps
Mini Chopper (Included) No
Liquidiser with Tap No
No. of blades 4
Measuring cap Yes
Non-slip feet Yes
Integrated Cord Storage Yes
Instruction manual Yes
Recipe book Yes
Body Heavy duty die cast
Jug Glass
Blades Stainless steel
Measuring cap Stainless steel
Dishwasher safe No
Care  instructions Wipe clean with warm water
Highlight features 6 different jug positions
Interlock system
Heat protection system
Ice crushing facility
Warranty 5 year warranty (registered directly with Morphy Richards)
2 year warranty