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Welcome to the site of food blenders, which render easy cooking methods. We have several types of blenders like the hand blender, jug blender and the professional blenders. The jug blenders perform mixing actions such as ice crusher, pulse function, fruits and vegetables. You can choose from the variety of jug blenders, which differ in their capacity from one to 2 liters. The expensive ones have an auto programs and comprehensive range of speed adjustment. Apart from this, we have the hand blenders from Philips, Kenwood and many more. These hand blenders differ in their operating style like press and hold to speed control buttons. Some exclusive hand blenders contain anti-splash guard and slip resistance and many more. In addition to this, a few hand blenders come with attachments like calibrated chopper, pan blending attachment and aids in various purposes.

The professional blenders available from Philips and several other manufacturers churn out the functions of smoothie maker, juicer, liquidizer and ice crusher. You get several attachments like measuring cups, recipe books and filter attached blender. We in our site provide a bigger picture of the blender’s reviews covering from the scrap like the design and finish, features, performance level, and certain precautionary steps, cleaning and maintenance, and the warranty information. A quick glance on the specifications table gives further details of applications, speed, filter, blade type and the highlight features.

Russell Hobbs 18508 Desire Hand Blender Review

Russell Hobbs the experienced brand elevates your experience in the kitchen. It offers an array of models with is elegant and functional giving you a wholesome experience. The technology it offers is proves to be the one from the experienced. Likewise is Russell Hobbs 18508 Desire Hand Blender which belongs to a series of products in this range that are trendy.

Design Overview:

This model belongs to the desire series which comes with the striking black colour with the combination of red which is the first and prime attraction. The housing is made of matt finish and does have a pretty looking control buttons. It is sleek and can be handled single handed. This handy device is pretty well used for the domestic use.


Russell Hobbs 18508 400-Watts Hand Blender suits for making tasty dips, blends the boiled vegetables, making of sauces and they can handles the beaker capacity of 0.7 litres. This is a handy option that can be instantly available for the easy go, healthy food preparation.


This model works with the power of 400 watts and hence it proves slightly higher in power when compared to the models of this kind. The power consumption might put you to think but it is got to be understood that the blending function is quicker and easier, like wise it can also turn to be energy efficient.


The controls are simple with a couple of buttons present in the handle space which is been designed with the neat blend. Each of the buttons servers for the purpose of switching it on/off and setting of the speed. It is handy to operate and hence makes it user-friendly.

Speed Settings:

With the available 2 speed settings the blender can be operated easily. It can be chosen based on the food type and the quantity. With the alternate use of both the speed settings on can get the desired blend.

Blade Type:

The type of blend is important and it needs to be durable, Russell Hobbs 18508 2-Speed Blender comes with the blade made of stainless steel with the enhanced sharpness in the blade wand. The shape and the design of the blade give even blending and it functions without splashing the food outside and avoids messing up.

Product Features:

Dishwasher safe parts are an advantage for the easy maintenance and since the device easily separates for cleaning it is made possible. The stainless steel mixing leg can be detached for maintenance purpose. The innovative big foot design is also functionally good enough to get this blender operated even in a small beaker or with the maximum filling in the container.

This model has its own features that when combined with its unique design makes it special and it also suits for the gifting ideas.

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Russell Hobbs 18508 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name 18508 Desire Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour Black with red
Speed settings 2
Beaker capacity 0.7 litres
Power 400 Watts
Blade Stainless steel
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off, speed settings
Cleaning Easy with 2 piece separation
Highlight features Dishwasher safe
Stylish matt finish with red accents
detachable stainless steel mixing leg
Innovative big foot design

Cuisinart HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender

This model comes as a handy helper in kitchen which gets you done with blending, chopping and whisking whenever and where ever you require. Cuisinart gives a whole new way to unleash the kitchen task in a handy way. Cuisinart HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender when obtained from the professional brand talks more on the technology and quality. The following is the review which gives more details of the product.

An Overview:

This model is a multi user which gives 3 different functions of blending, chopping and whisking in an all new way. The design is user friendly with the comfort grip. The housing is made of stainless steel material and has a finish of brushed Stainless steel with black accent. The dimension of this product is 350 x 95 x 55mm which relates to the height, width and the depth. The weight of 1.5kg may sound a bit higher than the other models.

Control and Power:

Cuisinart HB154PCJU Brushed Stainless Steel Hand Blender works with the one-touch operation. It gives the option for the continuous operation or the pulse action. Based on the type of function and the quantity of food the option between the continuous and the pulse can be chosen. It has a motor with the power of 200 Watts which performs multiple blending tasks successfully.

Features and Functions:

  • Simple one-touch operation and the Multi functional ability are the prime features of this model which takes it to the new height among the commonly available models.
  • The blending blade has a shaft with anti-splash guard and this gives a clean function eliminating the splashes from the beaker which messes around.
  • Stainless steel balloon whisk is available for whisking. This gives a specialised function and hence the perfect whisk of the drink, puree or the shake can be obtained.
  • Japanese sharpened blade which is incorporated in this model is used for chopping. It is used to chop vegetables, garlic and even the nuts in few seconds.
  • All the detachable parts of this model are dishwasher safe. This makes handling and maintenance simple.

A Few More:

This model proves to give multi task operation and it can get handled wide variety with this single device and in just one touch operation. The blends of drinks, purees, soups, vegetables are possible. The whisk of cream batter, egg whites, butter extraction and mousse is possible. The cutting or chopping of vegetables, garlic, onion and even nuts are possible.

Inclusive and guarantee:

Along with all the attachments Cuisinart HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus 200 Watts Hand Blender comes with the 500ml graduated measuring jug which is made of stainless steel material. The manufacturer also offers 5 years guarantee for this product which covers the labour and parts.

Cuisinart HB154PCJU Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model Name HB154PCJU Multi Stick Plus Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour Brushed Stainless steel with black accent
Dimension (H x W x D)mm 350 x 95 x 55mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Power 200 Watts
Blade Japanese sharpened stainless steel blade
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Functions Blending, chopping and whisking
Highlight features Simple one-touch operation
Multi functional
Blending blade shaft with anti-splash guard
Stainless steel balloon whisk for whisking
Japanese sharpened blade for chopping
All detachable parts are dishwasher safe
Inclusive 500ml stainless steel measuring jug
Guarantee 5 years

Swan SP13010N Hand Blender Review

Swan the pride owner of many Small domestic appliances also offers blenders in its food preparation segment. The company focuses on improving lives of the people with its timely inventions and soon in 2015 it turns to hit the century year of experience. Swan SP13010N White and Chrome Hand Blender takes a great note on design, features and functions which are discussed in the following review.

Design Overview:

This blender with the handy engineering which is designed as the hand or stick type is one among the easy manoeuvrability. It weighs 850 grams giving a single hand carry and operation. The housing has white Chrome finish and it is been made of polished plastic material which gives a pretty look. It is handy and sleek which can be easily stored and carried along.

Speed Setting and Power:

This blender is been operated electrically and it functions with the power of 220 Watts. Swan SP13010N Sleek and Handy Stick Blender allows different functions while the speed setting is 3 levels which can be chosen based on the nature of the food. This is good and suits all types of food; it also can be used in any containers. Once the wire is been plugged into the mains it can be put to operation in the desired speed. The operation is with the simple on/off switch that comes handy for operation.

Blade Features:

This is a dictating aspect for the blender to quality as it needs to be sharp, robust and durable. It helps in bringing out the best blend quicker and easier. This model gets it going with the pan blending unique blade wand. It is made of steel and the crescent shaped blades go through the contents easily and bring out the blend as desired. It also works with out messing up and keeps the splashes away. One could simple blend all the required stuffs like the semi-solid foods, soups, milkshakes and much more.


Dishwasher safe – The removable parts but for the motor part are dishwasher safe. This makes cleaning simple and maintaining it new for ever. Cleaning is simplified and is made easy with this model as it can be removed in to 2 parts in order to promote handling comfort.

Control system – The control button is handy and it lets you set the operating speed with or without the turbo function, it is based on the nature and quantity of the food that need to be blended.

Pan blending attachment – The blade attachment is available which supports the function and it can also be removed for the purpose of maintenance. The stainless steel blades are robust and are durable for years to come.

Innovative big foot design – This feature is a mere attraction which along with the splash control can easily be inserted in any type of container for the instant blending requirement.


The manufacturer guarantee for the period of 2 years comes with Swan SP13010N 220 Watts Hand Blender which takes care of the parts as well as the labour.

Swan SP13010N Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Swan
Model Name SP13010N White and Chrome Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour White Chrome
Speed settings 3
Weight 850 grams
Power 220 Watts
Blade Steel triple blade
Design Big foot design
Buttons On/off
Cleaning Easy with 2 piece separation
Highlight features Dishwasher safe
Pan blending attachment
Stainless steel blades
Innovative big foot design
Guarantee 2 years

Philips HR1610/00 Hand Blender Review

Philips is a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting products. It has grown into a responsible company with research and sustainable policies to give the best this world needs. Philips HR1610 Viva Collection Hand Blender is one among the numerous products by Philips. Doing things with a hand blender is much easier as you can take the blender directly to the vessel with the ingredients and it blends the contents easily. The following review will give you more details and understanding about this product.

The Basics:

Philips HR1610 650 Watts Hand Blender can be used for sauces, soups, milkshakes and many more ingredients and food type. This model is a slim and handy device that does the function of blending the soft food stuffs. It is a hand held type and works electrically. More so the light weight design and the efficient blade make it a good one. It comes in three pieces, the top one has the controls and the motor, next comes the blender bar which is detachable and then comes the protection cap. The material housing is PP and rubber. The material for the rubber is plastic. There are three buttons one for on/off, the other is turbo button and then you have the speed setter. It has soft touch grip and buttons.

The Blade:

The blade is made of stainless steel and it is a double action blade, which means it cuts the ingredients both horizontally and vertically. You get finely chopped ingredients and hence the finest blending with this type of blade. The model comes with a protection cap for the blade which can be used while storage, preventing us even from any rarest possibility for injuries.


Philips HR1610 has 16 speed settings which gives an optimum performance. The control for this is sliding type. The turbo button is a high power turbo button. Depending on the kind of ingredient and the speed setting the time taken for blending differs. But nevertheless it is always only a few seconds. In case of slightly hard ingredients and if the blending process needs to be still faster the turbo function can be used, while this function is on the speed function will not be applicable.


The 1 litre beaker accessory is dishwasher safe. The blades can be cleaned by pouring water and detergent in a beaker or vessel and then by immersing the blender and switching it on for a few seconds. Cleaning is as simple as the blending function.

Other Features:

  • This blender has an anti splash guard a very important feature which protects the liquid from coming out of the bowl while blending. This saves you from the mess and cleaning time.
  • It works in 16 different speeds, which means be it anything from fruits, vegetables, baby food, sauce, soup, batter, shakes or mixed drink, anything can be blended in maximum 60 seconds even if the quantity is 1000ml.
  • Double action blade is another special feature which cuts the ingredients both horizontally and vertically.
  • The soft rubber grip present in the sides gives easy operation and also prevents from slipping of the device from the hands.


Philips HR1610 Blender works with the power of 650 Watts. However, this model cannot blend ice cubes but it is a stylistic, simple and durable product serving many purposes in the process of making healthy food.

Philips HR1610 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name HR1610 Viva Collection Hand Blender
Type Hand/stick blender
Colour White and lavender
Power Electricity
Cord length 1.3 m
Whisk No
Speed settings 16
Turbo function Yes
Shaft Detachable
Motor power 650 watts
Anti splash guard Yes
Accessory 1 Ltr. Beaker with lid
Highlight features Stainless steel blades
Detachable plastic bar
Protection cap while storing bending blade
Double action blade
stylish finish
Soft touch grip and buttons

Sabichi 94810 Black Hand Blender Review

Sabichi Home wares, is a popular UK retail brand that brings to you many products in the category of kitchen wares, electrical, dining, bath ware and laundry. They are keen in satisfying the customer needs and introduce products that pass through stern quality control. Working with a strategy they give impressive performance and all together the introduction of Sabichi Essentials 94810 Black Hand Blender proves their interest in style and design. The following review could tell you more about the product, its functions and its features.

The Basics:

This model is a slim and handy device that does the function of blending the soft food stuffs. It is a hand held type and works electrically. More so the light weight design and the efficient blade make it a good one. Sabichi 94810 Single Speed Blender comes with the Gloss black finish that is glossy and has a simple control button. It is been shaped so attractive that melts the heart of many. The sides have soft grip which adds to the looks and also gives ease of operation.

The blade:

Unique is the blade of this model which is made of stainless steel and it gives many functions. It is also durable in construction that allows you to use over and over again. The blade does the blending of food in less than a minute and it works without splashing the moisture rich foods also.


This model is electrically operated and it has a simple and straightforward control button that sets the blender in the on and off position. There is no need for other settings as it is a single speed operated blender. With the soft touch of the button it can be put to start and on the release of the button it comes to the stop status.

Product Details:

  • Sabichi Essentials 94810 Light weight Hand Blender has an anti splash guard which protects the liquid from coming out of the bowl.
  • It works in a single speed and hence the time taken depends on the nature of the food and the quantity.
  • It gives whisk functions which add to the usage.
  • The soft rubber grip present in the sides gives easy operation and also prevents from slipping of the device from the hands.
  • The blades are stainless steel made which performs competitive and is also durable.


This model is a total attractive model and is a welcoming one for the current day kitchen. However the features like the cord storage, speed setting and the ice crushing functions are absent.

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Sabichi Essentials 94810 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Sabichi
Model Name Essentials 94810 Black Hand Blender
Blender Type Hand or Stick Blender
Colour Black
Power Electricity
Cord Storage No
Whisk Yes
Speed settings Single Speed
Shaft Detachable
Ice crushing function No
Anti splash guard Yes
Highlight features Stainless steel blades
Soft rubber Grip for easy operation
Lightweight & durable
stylish finish