HR1363  – Hand Blender with Beaker & Chopper Accessory from Philips

The Philips brand is synonymous with creativity, innovation, manufacture of products and services of high quality and relentless commitment to excellent customer satisfaction. The Philips HR1363 Hand Blender as the manufacturer describes will make you ‘Enjoy homemade food in seconds’.


The Philips HR1363 600 watts Hand blender is perfect for food preparation. This is a hand-held immersion blender that has no container of its own, but instead it comes with a mixing head having rotating blades that could be immersed in a container. This hand blender from Philips is quite easy for mixing ingredients or puree food that are too large to be fitted in the bowl of a stationary blender. The hand blender can also come in quite handy if you have to pour the hot soup safely into the bowl.

Double action stainless steel blade:

This HR1363 hand blender blends, chops and purees very well in no time. It not only does herbs, pesto, etc but also manages to chop strips of bacon into tiny bits. This is because it features a Double action stainless steel blade that can cut horizontally and vertically giving an appreciably smooth result in seconds.

We found the blades lovely and sharp and made short work of the nuts, soup, smoothies and curry paste. Further, we tested the blades for making up a batch of dog food and grinding down hard bones and found it quick, simple and mess-free.  This 600 Watt Blender can handle even the toughest blending tasks with ease including ice crushing. A powerful 2-speed motor can blend soups, sauces, ice-cold smoothies, slushy drinks and crush ice to any consistency in quick time. Also, the blender is not so noisy like the food processor. The hand blender requires a voltage of 220-240V with a frequency of 50/60 Hz for operation.

With the cord length being 1.3m, the housing is made of Polypropylene (PP) plastic and rubber with the jar made of SAN (considered BPA free). This hand blender is available only in white colour with lavender.

Turbo button for added versatility:

There is a turbo button on the front side of the blender that is powerful enough to cope with the toughest ingredients as the turbo function can increase the speed with only the slightest touch of a unique one touch button. But the turbo boost is hardly ever required as even the normal speed blends food items in very little time. The variable speed is an excellent feature that allows different consistencies to be reached for a really smooth result.

Anti splash blade guard:

The head looks like as if it is clung to the pan and there is an Anti splash blade guard that does not splash soup over the kitchen while you blend as some blenders do. The grinder attachment is quite effective and very easy to clean.

Soft touch rubber grip:

The HR1363  Philips blender features a Soft touch rubber grip that is easy to hold. This means that you do not have to grip it firmly by applying too much pressure on the hand and wrists. The hand blender has a nice sturdy weight to it and comes with a strong simple clipping mechanism for the attachments.


The plastic shaft is detachable with click-off buttons that helps in easy cleaning. The shaft can be easily removed so there is no or less chance of the food particles getting stuck inside. The plastic shaft includes a small chopper and a 0.5 litre beaker with lid. The chopper makes sure you do not have to manually chop and mince an onion again. Making healthy drinks and meals is a lot more fun and simple with the chopper.

There is also a rubberised non-slip feet to the chopper bowl that stops the whole thing from slipping across the counter-top when chopping soft vegetables, hard nuts, mincing cooked meat and pureeing soups. It is also very easy to fit the main part into the chopper container and this function is a lot more useful than one would have imagined. It does not consume much space, so it can be kept on the worktop, although the inclusion of a bracket to mount it on the wall would have been useful.
The beaker can hold up to 0.5 litres and comes with a lid at the top. Now, this could be a bit larger but not really an issue as you can use the blender in any pot or bowl of your choice effortlessly. It is also very easy to assemble the beaker with the required attachment and clean it after use. Its tupperware-like top makes the beaker really useful in itself. The suction produced while using the beaker and blender can be quite strong.

Dishwasher safe:

Another advantage to this Philips HR1363 Hand Blender with Anti-splash Blade Guard is that most parts can be put in the dishwasher and they are completely dishwasher proof with click off buttons. Therefore, this is easy to use with no more fiddly parts that cannot be submerged in water. However for optimum care and maintenance, make sure you clean the blender using a soft damp cloth.

Easy to dismantle:

It is easy to change and store the implements over and dismantle the blender for washing up. The stick blender part of it saves washing up in comparison to classic blenders which were a bit of a pain to wash up. This makes it a handy blender even for small jobs. And not everyone would like to have their kitchen work tops crammed with large, bulky electrical appliances.


The manufacturer offers a warranty of 2 years for the hand blender.


We found that the mini chopper attachment is not as large as the other makes, though the attachment is very useful. Also, the beaker may be a bit small depending on what you want to use it for. The beaker is good and powerful, but then it tends to leak from the top at times when the top does not fit tightly and if you pour even a third full of liquid into it. The inclusion of a whisk attachment would have been highly appreciated as you do not have to go for a separate hand whisk.


With excellent blending action (even without the turbo button) and splatter guard, the pros certainly outweigh the cons in terms of performance and quality. It is amazing what you can come up with making use of the blender attachment. From milkshakes, pancakes, omelettes, purees, batter-mix, soups, curry pastes, breadcrumbs, smoothie style drinks to chopping ice up for drinks, it can be used for almost everything. This is definitely a lifesaver as you can save both space and electric unit with this 2-in-1 blender.

Philips HR1363 Blender – Technical specification Table

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name Philips HR1363 Hand Blender
Model Number HR1363
Blender Type Hand Blender
Dimensions (H x W x D) cm 42 x 11 x 22 cm
Motor 600 Watt motor
Housing PP and rubber
Jars SAN
Blade Stainless steel
Speeds 2 (plus turbo)
Double action blades Yes
Turbo button Yes
Handle Soft touch rubber Handle
Pulse function No
Ice crushing function No
Dishwasher safe parts Yes
Disassembly level Easy
Beaker Yes (0.5L beaker + lid)
Chopper Yes (with non-slip feet)
Power 600 Watt
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Cord length 1.3 m
Available colour White with lavender
Blender Warranty 2 years
Care Instructions Clean with soft damp cloth
Highlight features Variable speed
Anti splash blade guard
Detachable plastic shaft
Click-off buttons (for easy cleaning)
Easy to disassemble
Box Contents 1 x 0.5 L Beaker
1 x Chopper