For a quick, tasty and easier preparation of healthy foods for the family, blenders are definitely one of the necessities amongst all the kitchen appliances. There are lots of blenders available out in the market and it is very important to pick the right one for everyday use at home. Philips has been producing fine blenders with several useful attachments for accomplishing most tasks in the kitchen in no time. One of the useful additions to modern kitchens will be the Philips HR1372 Hand Blender which assures best results without being a culinary professional.

Quick view:

Philips HR1372 Professional use Hand Blender features a dual – action blade and a powerful motor which provides a precise cut and blending of foods. It is included with useful accessories which make this blender stand ahead from other models.

Blender construction and features:

The Philips HR1372 Food Blender is constructed with a 700 watts powerful motor which has 5 speed settings that can be set for blending different foods and this appliance weighs about 2.5 kg. The dual action blade blends food in seconds by cutting both horizontally and vertically. The turbo speed button helps to adjust the speed by achieving right consistency on every use. While blending foods that are hot, splashing causes serious mess in the kitchen hence provided is the anti-splash guard. The material of the housing is made of stainless steel, rubber and PP making it sturdy and durable while the blade is of stainless steel. This blender is available in black with metal and red accents.

About the blade:

As mentioned earlier, the double action blade blends smooth in seconds with no much effort. The blades are designed tough that it can even crush the ice cubes when mixing a smoothie or cocktail. It gives more control of the blending process giving professional results eliminating splashes. The serrated blade provided chops almost everything.

Motor Speed settings and handle:

The 5 speed settings and the turbo switch adjustment allows user to choose the speed for different ingredients so that the food is blended properly to a mouth-watering dish. The most important part the user holds is the handle which has to be designed with care for good comfort. The handle is made of rubbery type material making it anti-slip when held. Thus it gives full safety during the blending process causing no slips when the motor is turned on.

Attachments included:

This Philips HR1372 hand blender set includes many attachments just for the users to get the utmost use out of it. The two choppers XL chopper and mini chopper provided suit different quantities. For large quantities, XL chopper with a detachable blade comes in hand and also the serrated blades can be fit in the chopper for crushing ice-cubes. The mini chopper with one blade serves well for blending small quantity from herbs, onions to hard cheese and many more. Blending of egg whites and soups can be performed in the beaker or measuring jug that comes with a lid. This beaker can also be used for storing soups in fridge as a container. The stainless steel whisk does perfect job by whipping cream, mousse and mayonnaise.

Use and care:

The Philips HR1372 700 Watts Blender is easy to use for wide purposes. Using this blender maybe easy but cleaning it becomes a tiring task. Hence the manufacturer has come up with a solution for this. The blades and shaft are detachable while the parts are dishwasher safe. Hence cleaning is done without user’s interference. But reassembling the sharp blades back in the blender might be a bit tricky in the proper position at the beginning stage. The manufacturer has not mentioned as to how long this blender can be used continuously. However it is advisable to let the blender cool down for about 5 minutes after each process when the electric motor gets a little hot.
Manufacturer Warranty and instruction manual:

Philips gives this product a warranty of a year which is valid up to 1 year from the actual date of purchase. Earned the name as a trusted brand, there is no problem in the service in case any trouble occurs. The instruction book is very useful for the beginner to know the controls and techniques along with a couple of recipes to get started.

Other technical details:

The cord measures 1.3 m in length which can be stored after use. The voltage requirement is 220-240 V and frequency of 50/60 Hz.

Box Contents:

  • 1 x Whisk
  • 1 x 1L beaker with lid
  • 1 x XL chopper
  • 1 x Mini chopper

In a nutshell:

The Philips HR1372 Hand Blender is a wise choice for the ones who are very choosy in buying the best hand blender for the price. The accessories provided are of great use for blending various foods and gives a good performance. It is small, handy and do not take up much space but still attracts the kitchens with its stylish, sleek look. Perhaps, this is one of the good little helper one could opt for.

Philips HR1372 Blender – Specification Details

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name Philips HR1372 Blender
Product Code HR1372
Blender Type Jug
Body colour Black with red accent
Speed settings 5 with turbo button
Power 700 W
Chopper Yes, XL and mini chopper
Ice crushing function Yes
Integrated cord storage No
Blade Serrated Yes
Housing Stainless steel, rubber and PP
Blade Stainless steel
Beaker capacity 1 litre
Dishwasher safe Yes
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Manufacturer warranty 1 year