If all you need is a simple to use blender with robust, generously sized jug and a decent motor, then look further than the HR2084 blender from the makes of Philips. This jug blender delivers on all counts and you may rely on some of the regular blender functions including making smoothies and crushing ice.  The Philips HR2084 that is available at a price tag of about £60 online should really make you feel happy about your choice. The following review is an account of how well the HR2084 has faired in our tests. Before we get into its design and performance features, a brief note on the positives and negatives of the blender would be in place.


  • Good built quality
  • Wide range of functions
  • Stylish looks and superior performance


  • Assembling & reassembling need attention
  • Gets hot quite quickly
  • Jug wobbles a little on the base


The Philips HR2084 Jug Blender is one nice and sleekly designed blender that would compliment nicely with all the other black appliances in your kitchen. Needless to say, Philips has a solid reputation for reliability and quality, and in this respect, the HR2084 black Blender comes as an ideal choice. The build quality as usual has earned solid customer reviews. The dial is adorned with jazzy blue lights and the stylish black colour with red accent only adds to its aesthetic value, making it one of the slickest looking blenders in the kitchen.

Powerful 650 W motor: The Philips blender comes with a mighty 650W motor and for a countertop blender, this should work wonders from pureeing lentil soup, whipping up nice, creamy smoothies to mixing frozen margaritas and salsa.

Blender jar: The HR2084 Blender with Fruit Filter has a pretty thick, heavy jar that could hold up to 2 litres of ingredients and the effective jar capacity which is 1.5 litres is more than enough for most purposes. You need not have to worry about any escaping of the extracted juice in the midst of a blitzkrieg session as the lid of the blender jug is fitted with a thick, nice rubber seal. There is a smaller lid at the centre of the jug’s main lid which allows you to add or remove additional ingredients. However, this also works like a little measuring cap with markings engraved every 10ml right up to 50ml – pretty useful when you need to follow a recipe.

Clear juice without pips & seeds: Just to make our lives easier, the blender is built with a fruit filter. Now how good is that? You need not have to pay anything extra for purchasing a special machine for making smoothies as this blender doubles as a decent smoothie maker and also saves you from the trouble of allotting extra storage space for one less-used item. But the real advantage of having a fruit filter is that it helps you squeeze the last drop out of your fruit and enjoy its juicy goodness completely, however with all the rough bits and pips left on the inside of the fruit filter to be disposed of.

Large control knob: Philips is known more for its ergonomic design that gives you better ease of use and the Philips HR2084 is by no means an exception. Setting an example is the large control knob built on the front of the machine and controlling a blender does not get better than this.

Speed settings: The normal function of the HR2084 features a wide range of speeds viz, maximum to minimum that you could control yourself without any trouble. Selecting the exact speed you want with multiple blender speed settings should give you optimum flexibility, whilst at the same time suit all your needs. The variable speed control also makes short work of instant ice crushing (thanks to the Pulse setting) and making smoothies. All you need to crush ice is press the useful one-touch ‘ice crush’ button.

Suction pads: The blender is constructed with suction pads on the base of the motor unit and this means you need not have to worry on the machine unit tipping around and spilling anything on the worktop if it gets a tad animated, blending all your ingredients on full blast.

Special smoothie function: With the special smoothie function the blender will prepare the perfect smoothies. This function is useful in that it comes with a smoothie filter for blending the fruit and ice you are making use of in equal proportions. Did we mention that the ‘pulp function’ is all you need to crack down an ingredient into smaller bits though not into crumbs? It is more than useful when you are making stuffs like pesto, where you still need bits of basil leaf, etc instead of an even, uniform paste.

Serrated blades: The HR2084 is not something that will settle with conventional blades. It is Philips and what you get is serrated, innovative, five star stainless steel blades which make even the toughest of blending tasks a doddle. The jar is break-resistant and this will give you a lot of confidence going about your blending. Make sure you do away with the small lid so as to add solid ingredients and liquids during processing. The blender should be switched off before you add solid ingredients into the jar.  You will also have no trouble cleaning the ultra-sharp, long lasting blades effectively and easily as they are detachable from the blender jar.

No Integrated cord storage: The appliance is built short of an integrated cord storage, the inclusion of which would have been handy for carrying it about and storing it neatly without cluttering the cupboard.

Instruction manual: All Philip products come with a nice bit of instruction manual and so is the HR2084. There are some useful little smoothie recipes that would help you get started in no time. We found the instruction manual more than handy to getting used to cleaning the blender, connection, set-up and quantities of things you require, besides know-how instructions on using the fruit filter, speed settings, etc.

Cleaning the blender: Cleaning the machine is pretty easy, as we had no trouble removing the blade and jug from the base of the machine and putting them through the dishwasher. This said, we did struggle removing the sharp blades from the jug, finding it pretty stiff more often than not. Once we managed to take it off of the blender jug, it is not difficult to clean thereafter even if you do not have a dishwasher at home.

Reassembling the parts: We have had mixed sort of results putting through the various parts of the blender back together, though it is normally fine. We did manage once to insert the blade back into the blender jug at a slight angle and failed to notice until we poured milk into the blender’s jug for making a milkshake and off it went all over the place. It did split out at the base of the jug and the milk dripped into the blender’s main unit and right into the electric motor, thanks mainly to the design of the base. Without having to mention, we did not switch on the machine and had no problem anyways. Therefore, if you do go for this blender, we rather suggest you exercise precaution when you are reassembling it after the process of cleaning.

A word of caution: One thing we noticed when we were using the blender is that it does seem to develop heat pretty quickly; therefore any extended blending session may prove detrimental, unless you let the blender unit cool for about 5 minutes in between blending sessions. There is no sort of information on how long you could blend without causing damage to the motor, though it is quite apparent as we did sniff the smell of the electric motor getting terribly hot.

Manufacturer warranty:

The HR2084 Variable Speed Blender comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year which starts from the original purchase date. Philips is proverbial for its quality customer service. More importantly, the customer service is UK based and it is also a cheap number.


Overall, we are happy with the HR2084 notwithstanding our milkshake mishap. But the fault is ours for not thoroughly checking if we had put the parts back together properly. The blender does not have interchangeable chopper and grinder blades. The wide range of functions and speeds should make this blender handy for a number of purposes and a welcome addition is the fruit filter. So the blender is an all-rounder in the making. It looks fabulous on the kitchen worktop, courtesy its nice shiny black finish. An impressively built glass jug is sturdy, while this could be so heavy, it is pretty much durable than plastic jugs that could endure your dishwasher or long term blitzes like champs!

Philips HR2084/90 Blender – Product Specification Details

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name Philips HR2084 Blender
Product Code HR2084
Blender Type Jug
Body colour Black with red accent
Fruit filter Fruit filter
Speed settings 2 (Variable & Pulse)
Power 650 W
Jug capacity 2l (effective capacity: 1.5l)
Controls Large control knob
Chopper No
Ice crushing function Yes
Smoothie function Yes
Integrated cord storage No
Suction pads Yes
Blade Serrated five star blades
Housing ABS plastic
Blade Stainless steel
Jar Glass
Dishwasher safe Yes
Voltage 220-240 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Manufacturer warranty 1 year