Philips Aluminium Collection Blender (750 W 2 L glass jar with filter)

With the UK Government endorsing a ‘five fruit and vegetable a day’ campaign, there is no better time to invest in a blender for the coming year. But will the Philips HR2094 Aluminium Chrome/Black Blender help you get your smoothie fix? First what is the big difference between a smoothie maker and a blender? The answer seems to be not much, or clearly there is no true advantage to a ‘smoothie maker’. This gimmicky device is sometimes integrated with a tap to dispense the drink though this feature is not particularly helpful and only creates another cleaning point. The difference however between a juice and a smoothie is that a smoothie includes all the fibres of the fruit or veggie to produce a thick drink, rather than extracting the juice and discharge the pulp. With this useful information, let us move on to the review of this solidly built jug blender from Philips, a world leader in healthcare, lifestyle and lighting products.

Product features:

If you are looking for a blender, smoothie maker, juicer, liquidiser, ice crusher (and the list goes on…), then what you need is the Philips HR2094 Professional Blender. Measuring at 40 cm (H) x 24 cm (W) x 21(D) cm, it is a very smart design and works really well. The Philips blender looks great compared to its rivals. On testing, it is considerably quieter and produces silky smoothies, soups or purees. The design is quite sleek and does not look out of place in any modern kitchen. Where the Philips model hopes to stand out from the rest is that rather than a plastic jug, it is thick strong glass and instead of the white gleaming plastic, it is shiny anodised aluminium which makes this a stylish accessory for your kitchen. The blender has a brushed chrome finish making it simple to clean and looks like a prize to be won. Because it is completely waterproof and assuming it is going to sit mainly in the kitchen, the Philips blender is the best way to go.

Glass Jug:

The glass jug of the HR2094 blender is clear and transparent that holds up to 2 litres. The base unit of the blender comes with a safety function that ensures the unit will not turn on without the jug securely in place, adding a little bit of security if children are around. The glass jug sits pretty well in the grooves which connect the jug to the motor unit with a medium sized dial placed at the front and built with its own background light just to bring in some style into this blender. Coming to its blending ability, because the jug is made from glass, it is slightly heavy so you have to be careful when handling it. There are also clear, measuring marks on the glass which provide you some idea of measurement, coming as an added bonus. The jug is covered with a black top lid that as it goes in it has suction on it which helps prevent the juices from rising up the sides and out the top. The lid features little slats on the side that can even further sieve out those unnecessary lumps, though the lid does have an option of just pouring. There is also a transparent twist cup which comes out of the middle of the lid to let you put anything that you might have forgotten to put in without the need to remove the secure black lid. Do note that the lid of the jar should be properly closed or assembled on the jar and the measuring cup must be inserted correctly in the lid before switching on the appliance.

Powerful 750 W motor:

Weighing about 2 kg, the Philips HR2094 Aluminum Blender features a mighty 750 W motor and it can blend just about anything from fruit and veggies to ice. Most importantly though with the blender, you can add ice with confidence and do not bother about the motor being overworked or ineffective. The blender can be controlled via a special control knob having an illuminated ring that lights up when the machine is in operation and is found on the front of the base. Here you have variable speed control (of 4 settings) that helps you blend quickly and effectively. First off it is a power dial which on turning can cause the detachable knife unit (consisting of 4 stainless steel serrated blades) at the bottom of the jug to get progressively faster. We found the dial easy to use and the functions are all clear. The blades are really sharp and could blend everything to a smooth pulp, despite the customer reviews that they do not seem to appear sharp enough. Now is the blade detachable for optimum hygiene? Yes, it is removable and twists out.

Three quick settings:

While you can set the control knob to any speed between MIN and MAX by turning it to the desired position, three quick settings buttons (multi-speed function): smoothie, ice and pulse are present. Just like the scene modes on a digi camera, the three quick buttons provide perfect speeds and settings for the three tasks. Those looking for a reliable and effective replacement for smoothie makers can rely on this machine as many smoothies could be made at home with the special Smoothie function. The Ice crush button can crush to about any consistency you want, according to the appropriate speed profile. For instance, if you like to get crushed ice out of 5 cubes, press the Ice button and allow the appliance to finish 5 crushing cycles and then switch off the machine. The pulse button interestingly enough can pulse things. If you like to have the ice crushed into snow, simply turn the control knob to maximum speed or keep pressing the pulse button for a few seconds. The Pulse button can be useful if you like to process ingredients very briefly. On pressing the Pulse button, the machine will start running at the highest speed.  You can also use the Pulse button while the blender is running at a speed between MIN and MAX. Another feature worth mentioning is that the motor can be started at low speeds avoiding mess. There is a unobtrusive, non-slip rubber suction feet to keep the base stationary during use, thereby producing low vibration from what is a very powerful motor.

Filter (Type HR2094 only) for clear juice:

As a plus, the mesh filter allows you to make small amounts of thick refreshing fruit juices, soy milk or cocktails by running the machine for about 60 seconds. The filter helps prevent the pips and skins from ending up in your drink. Here the detachable filter sits over the stainless steel blades and you will have no problem pulping fruits like apples, cranberries or fruits that do not usually work in a blender. As safety instruction, make sure you cut fruits into smaller chunks and soak dried pulses like soy beans before you put them in the filter. Do not overload the filter and put no more than 150g of fruit or 135g of dried soy beans in the filter at the same time.

Other details:

You are also provided with a 50ml measuring cup with level indication for measuring ingredients or preparing mayonnaise. We also found the built-in safety lock feature to be useful, in that it makes sure you can only switch on the machine if you have correctly assembled the blender jar on the motor unit. If the blender jar is properly assembled, the built-in safety lock will be unlocked. The internal cord storage allows you to retrieve the required length of the power cord and helps keep the countertops look tidy. Finally, a handy instruction manual with clear instructions and diagrams and a few recipes will help you get started in no time. Just make sure you save the manual for future use. Note that the appliance comes with an EU plug but a UK converter supplied by the manufacturer should work fine. The blender also complies with all standards as regards to electromagnetic fields (EMF).


We tested the Philips HR2094 Jug Blender after reading a few positive reviews and found the blades blitz a jug of ice in just a few seconds without any problem. A full blender jug of vegetable and stock is reduced to a nice puree is less than 10 seconds. Now, we had anticipated similar results when it came to the juicer attachment and not such great news here. First of all we dropped in 1/18 pieces of apples to juice but with no luck to avail. They just seemed to sit above the blades and stare at us. In our next run of testing, we coarsely chopped the apple and emptied about a pint of juice into the blender. We felt some marginal improvement, but no real impressive blitzing of pieces of apples (grape sized pieces). Perhaps, smaller sized chunks would have been a lot better or just a partial blending followed by juicing may have proved useful. Therefore, if it puts you off the blender, do not let it.

Easy to clean:

Cleaning this unit is actually a lot easy than you think. It is recommended that you clean the removable parts immediately after you are done. Do not touch the blades as we found them to be extremely sharp. Never forget to dismantle the sealing ring from the blade unit. All removable parts like the glass jug and the blade with the exception of the motor unit can be cleaned up in the dishwasher or in warm water using some washing-up liquids. Run a moist cloth over the motor unit to keep the shine as long as you can. Never rinse the motor unit under running water and do not make use of abrasive cleaning agents, alcohol, scourers etc to clean the base unit.

Important things to watch out for:

Filling the blender jar with ingredients hotter than 80ºC can prove detrimental. Do not pour more than 1.5 litre of liquid in the jar, particularly when processing at a high speed to avoid spillage. Ensure that you do not put more than 1.25 litres in the jar when processing hot ingredients or liquids that tend to foam. Always use a spatula for removing the food from the wall. The sealing ring on the blade unit should be placed before you assemble the jar to prevent leakage.

Warranty & Service:

The product is covered under a manufacturer warranty of 2 years and you can contact your local Philips dealer for service if no Consumer Care Centre is available in your country.

What is inside the pack:

Philips HR2094 Blender (with filter), Blender jar plus lid, Graduated measuring cup & Instruction manual (plus recipes).


We have seen a lot of positives and thinking about the negatives, there are not much. First, the housing for the blender attachment to the base unit seems to be flimsy but does the job well. Next, the blender is also slightly loud on full power. Another downside to the blender is that it does not come with a stirrer which would have been useful for making something that may involve a fresh herb (as for a home made pesto) because it would push the ingredients down from the glass. Said that, there is nothing stopping you from simply pausing the blender, removing the lid and doing it manually. We understand the Philips blender is a bit pricier than some of the others; nevertheless it is a great blending unit that ticks all the necessary boxes for use and worth the price tag!

Philips HR2094 Blender – Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Philips
Model Name HR2094 Aluminium Chrome/Black Blender
Model Number HR2094
Blender Type Jug Blender
Best Use Smoothies, soups, purees
Dimensions 40 cm (H) x 24 cm (W) x 21(D)
Motor 750 W motor
Weight 2 kg (approx.)
Variable speed control Yes (4 settings)
Multi-speed function Yes (Smoothie, Ice, Pulse)
Blade type Serrated
Non-slip feet Yes
Filter Yes
Stirrer No
Safety lock Yes
Integrated cord storage Yes
Instruction manual Yes
Recipe book (Included) No
Dishwasher Safe Yes (except motor unit)
Wash instructions Warm water (with washing-up liquids)
Blender jug Glass
Lid Glass
Blade Stainless steel
Housing Anodised Aluminium
Blender jug 2 litres
Measuring cup 50ml
Finish Brushed aluminium
Lid Black
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 220-240 V
EU plug Yes
Package contents Philips HR2094 Blender (with filter)
Blender jar (plus lid)
Graduated measuring cup
Instruction manual (plus recipes)
Highlight features Sleek design
Fingerprint resistant, corrosion resistant, scratchproof
Variable speed control with illuminated display
Special control knob
Easy to use dial, clear functions
Detachable filter & knife unit
Easy to clean
Complies with all standards of electromagnetic fields (EMF)
Manufacturer warranty 2 years