We love Hand held blenders in general because of their small size and trouble-free maintenance. The focus on Hand blenders has been pretty much high essentially because of their versatility as you may use them either by electric power cord or operate them from their battery pack. The Food Collection 14452 Hand Blender from Russell Hobbs has taken a spot this week because of their quality and superior performance. Russell Hobbs as we may know has an impressive portfolio of home products ranging from kettles, irons, toasters, coffee makers, food preparation, cooking and baking ever since 1952. See what our review team has to say on this blender.

Design features:

Needless to say, you can use the Russell Hobbs 14452 Food Collection Hand Blender (Product code: 14452) to puree soups, prepare homemade smoothies, blend baby food and it does not stop with these. The product has an attractive white colour with an ergonomic design so that you have no problems handling it. The quality of the plastic body is fairly good, though not the most robust.


Let us start of with the wand, the wand can almost work like a jug blender but it is comparatively faster and requires less washing up (a big sigh of relief!). There are things that you shouldn’t try with the wand like chipping ice and chopping raw meat or hard veggies like carrots, etc. Why not instead try making smoothies, milkshakes or fruit drinks in a beaker. Make sure you blend the ingredients in the pan you are using to cook them in.  All you have to do to prevent the pan from moving is place the pan or bowl on a flat, stable surface and support it with your free hand. The manufacturer advises that you keep the top of the wand at least 1 cm above any liquid that you blend. The wand is easily detachable for cleaning.  Fitting the wand to the handle is relatively easy and is more of a bayonet-type fitting.  Align one of the upward arrow marks on the wand using the open padlock that you find on the handle. Now, just insert the handle into the wand and gently twist the wand in the clockwise direction to align the upward arrow mark (on the wand) using the closed padlock on the handle. Similarly, you can release the wand by turning it anti-clockwise and pulling it off the handle.

Stainless steel blade:

The wand blade is made of stainless steel and it rotates at high speeds. Watch out as they are really sharp, so don’t touch it even while cleaning, instead use a washing-up brush. So, how do you use the blender? Simply put the food into a jug, press any one of the speed buttons and the little blade at the base rotates around turning to does the work. Release the buttons with your thumb and it stops, simple as that. Quick rinse and off it goes back in the cupboard.

Two speeds:
The 200W power motor promises to be less noisy and guarantees smooth operation. The Russell 14452 Hand blender features two speed buttons to run the blender like most blenders on the market. The low speed does well for light applications with mainly liquid ingredients and press the high speed button for foods that involve solid ingredients. Even the slow speed is quite fast though, so be ready when you switch it on.

To avoid spray/splashing:

The Russell Hobbs 14452 200 watts Hand blender seems to splash and spray a bit outside the container which obviously can be avoided  by holding the wand straight and not switching it on till it’s well inside the food container. Here are little tips for all those who moan and groan about the blender spraying liquid all over the place. Switch off the blender before you lift it off the container and with liquids, switch on and off with the wand blade under the surface.

Blending hot liquids:

Ask yourself the question, why do you need to blend hot liquids? If so you have to blend hot liquids, then blend them before you heat and while the liquid cools. No wonder, the wand is sturdy enough to cope with most vegetables. Do not allow the blade to break the surface and remember the wand shouldn’t be used in hot oil, even when it is moderately hot.

Use & Care:

One of the downsides to the Russell Hobbs blender is that its parts are not at all dishwasher safe. So, use a soft damp cloth to wipe the handle surface. Never put the handle in water or any other liquid. The blade end of the wand should be always cleaned up in hot soapy water using a nylon brush. Finally, avoid use of harsh or abrasive cleaning agents or other solvents. Make sure you have the instruction manual alongside the product as it may be helpful for putting the various parts together. You may also try some of the simple recipes in the instruction manual that will help you get started.

Package contents:

1 x blender (Handle, Wand, Blade, Cord)
1 x Instruction manual

Manufacturer warranty:

You can claim warranty for the product if there are any manufacturing defects within the first year of purchase by furnishing the purchase details and proof of purchase  (till receipt), provided you use and maintain it according to the instructions. However, your statutory rights are not affected.

In a nut shell:

The only point where the Russell Hobbs 14452 2-Speed hand blender lets you down is that it lacks useful accessories like beaker and chopper attachments like its competition and those have to be bought separately. The blender seems like it is fine for soft baby foods, but for soups having big chunks of al dente veggies, you may have to pop it right on top of each piece. A jug of thick stuff does not seem to whizz well either. For a few customers, chasing the lumps around while blending to get the pieces together posed a big problem and still for some, the blade end that is a bit on the small side appeared to be an issue worth raving about.  And we only wish that they include an EU 2 pin plug in addition to the regular 3 pin plug for electrical connection. Hence, considering all the drawbacks, the Russell Hobbs hand held blender gets only 4 out of 5 stars.

Russell Hobbs 14452 Blender – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Russell Hobbs
Model Name Food Collection 14452 Hand Blender
Blender Type Hand Blender
Available colour White
Best use Puree soups, homemade smoothies & blending baby food
Items to avoid Ice crushing, chopping raw meat/hard veggies
Dimensions 380 mm (H) × 70 mm (W) × 70 mm (D)
Motor power 200W
Housing Plastic
Blade Stainless steel
Wand Plastic (Detachable)
Fitting Bayonet-type fitting
Operation level Easy
Speeds Twin speed settings (High & low)
Liquid blending Good (expect for hot liquids)
Handle Soft touch Handle
Pulse function No
Ice crushing function No
Dishwasher safe parts No
Assembly/Disassembly level Easy
Beaker No
Chopper No
Care instructions Handle – wipe clean only
Blade end of the wand – Hot soapy water & nylon brush
Package contents 1 x blender (Handle, Wand, Blade, Cord)
1 x Instruction manual
Highlight features Easy to attach/detach wand
Quick release buttons
Twin speed settings (High & Low)
Ergonomic design
Easy handling
Electrical Connection 13ABS1362 fuse in 13A BS1363 plug
Fuse type UK 3 Pin Plugs (no EU 2 pin plug included)
Manufacturer warranty 1 Year